Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I'm 30+.

If it wasn't for the fact that I spent my morning until 10:00 am or so answering texts and FB messages, I wouldn't really have thought much that it was my birthday. Being in a whole day meeting could do that.

Marking your 30th I can understand for life shall begin after 10 more years – or so they said. With the 31st, it's the fact that you are in your last digits with the Gregorian calendar. With 30+ … well it's like anything goes from now on.

Thanks to Kiks for the flattering and even more unflattering pics. (Tse! I'll get you for those two months from now!)

Thanks to friends and comrades who were there to eat and drink even for a few hours.

Thanks to those who greeted.

Thanks to those who believed I was 30.

Thanks to my mom who got speechless when I thought of her coming birthday instead of mine.

Thanks to the passion and fire I still have to continue for the years to come.

So I turned 30+. Big deal.

Just meant I got a +.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A soft start

Now I realize blogging is not like riding a bicycle or sex. It is not something that once you learn how to do, it comes back easily enough to you even after a long period of break.

A lot has happened for the past two months that to write about them seems like a futile exercise now. Moreover, it seems impertinent to even think that anyone will be interested on how I buried myself in my work and how I sort of slid back to my old self before blogging beckoned and before my interest in social networking – real and virtual – kinda picked up again.

There has been no epiphany or something of that sort that led me to click that 'new post' button again after 60 days of not really caring about what will become of this blog. There's also nothing in particular I really want to write about except maybe the new appointment to the OWWA Board of Trustees that GMA made – details of which can be read at

But since the link is already here, there is no point in writing about it again. Yet.

I did find interesting though the photo exhibition of a friend of mine that I visited a few hours ago at the Goethe-Institute. She vividly captured the images and colors of Filipino migrants as they while away their dayoff on pavements, roads and footbridges of Central.

The scenes were so familiar to my eyes for I live them every Sunday. Familiar and, at the same time, quietly reaffirming: there's a community and a whole way of life that thrives and will continue to strive for as long as a decent living cannot be had in our own land.

Anyhow, it'll probably take a few more takes before my blogging mojos completely come back. But since bicycles and sex are hard to come by from where I am sitting right now, I'll be happy to wait.