Saturday, September 18, 2010

A happy journey

One doesn't have to go the distance to like "Going the Distance". It was simple, romantic, with just a touch of drama and loads of laughter – the perfect relationship … err, romance flick.

While the film is about a long distance relationship, the underlying question is really how far one can be willing to go the distance for love. Yeah, each and everyone – well at least everyone who has fallen – will have an answer. Myself, it all depends on what you are ready to do or what may be the risks and consequences you are willing to take.

So my friends and I decided to watch the movie out a whim to see what it has to say about LDR. With most of them having been or are in an LDR and I, well, just tagging along, we headed out without any real expectation on the film.

It was a hoot and a half.

Believers and naysayers can head butt on the question of LDRs and its complexities. I won't. It's 1:30 am!

(Though between the two, I lean more towards the latter group. Now don't treat this as a spoiler, but the film did not convert me to the former.)

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were so sweet onscreen and their chemistry was so evident. It probably pays to also be together off-screen to get the viewers all syrupy while the two exchanged I-love-you's or got even more intimate. Incidentally, I didn't know that Long could have that one hot body.

The supporting casts were a riot. Especially Cristina Applegate. It was my first time to hear someone talk about dry humping in vivid details.

Notwithstanding my position on LDRs, I enjoyed the film. I guess it is really what the film just wants. It does not want the viewer to have epiphanies on LDR or the other questions that may arise from the story. It doesn't want anyone to decide whether to "fuck the miles" or stop fucking with the miles.

It just wants the viewers to enjoy the love story as it unfolds. And boy, I did.

Just go the distance and find out why.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hindi masama mag-explore. Kung sana'y kasing dali lang ng pag-search, download at install ang lahat ng bagay.

On second thought, mahirap ding maging android.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pare, bakla ako

At the risk of playing into stereotypes, I will dare consider coming out as the most macho thing a gay guy can do.

For coming out is not a leisurely trip in the park. It is an agonizing process where one tries to weigh in and balance various factors from the personal to the social. Scenarios are built and most of the time, they are all grim and we cringe at the thought of one of them happening.

Myself, it took a broken heart, the not-so-holy spirit of Jack Daniels, and the knowledge of the political correctness of my colleagues to make me finally say that the "phase" I was in was for keeps.

Coming out is more of like a gauntlet thrown out by knights to pose a challenge. We say that we come out when we are ready and this readiness means we stick with dicks no matter what happens. Through thick or thin … or small, medium, large or extra large.

We come out expecting to get riddled with questions, to be met with amazement and even be ridiculed. Still we do so. Our coming out of the closet is a challenge we pose for others to come out of their own closeted existence where gays should, well, be in the closet.

The first people I came out to just said "OK". When I came out to my sister, she just warned me not to get a boyfriend before she does. My third coming out was on Facebook. It did result to some comments but definitely not to a discussion page.

Whether they did accept what I said or understood what it meant did not really matter. At the very least, it probably got them to think that from then on, they have to deal with a gay guy whenever I am around.

To paraphrase a quote by Mao, revolution is not a dinner party or embroidery. So is coming out though we do love parties and have nimble fingers for needlework. If a revolution is about creating a new society, coming out opens one up to a new way of life.

It takes a lot of nerves to man up and be gay. In the kind of society we are in, once you come out, you have to come out again and again to defend your choice, banish prejudices and smash stereotypes. It is like a perpetual ejaculation with no real orgasm immediately in sight.

However hard it is, I still prefer to be out.

In any case, something hard is not always a bad thing, right?

(Written as a contribution to the theorg-y. At dahil matagal na rin akong walang post.)