Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Belated Thanks

I know this is kinda late but I still wanna thank fellow bloggers for this

as well as the two brilliant and oh-so-gay minds of The Dan and Rye Show for making this their blog of the month.

This blog is first and foremost a political one. It cannot be otherwise because it is how I live my everyday life.

There’s politics in being a migrant worker. There’s politics in movies, books and travels. There’s politics in being gay. There’s politics in love and friendship. There’s politics in blogging as well.

In most of my posts, the politics I hold are expressed. In some, they are just implied.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo always says that we should stop making things political. But to declare so is in itself already political. Such a statement is as hypocritical as her “sorry”, promises and smiles.

To be political and to get recognised by bloggers who are not in the movement I’m active with is way cool. I’ve only got two readers who are activists as well and I bet they only read this because I read theirs. Kidding! (I hope)

So I thank Empress Maruja and TDRS. Kudos of course to those who visit and read.

When I started this six months ago, I never thought I’d get hooked to blogging. Thinking back, it was the same when I drank my first cup of coffee and puffed my first yosi.

This may very well be another addiction that I’ll be keeping. Well at least until another one comes along or my two other addictions kill me.


cant_u_read said...

it has been our honor, J!


Mugen said...

Your blog reminds us that even as gays, we should expand our horizons to accommodate the concerns of the world.


Princhecha Fiona said...

Congratulations, bok! :)

gibo said...

ang haba ng speech. kung sa oscars yan, pinatayan ka na ng mic! at nakalimutan mo pang pasalamatan ang nagturo sa iyo (at sa akin!) kung paano magblog-- si kiks. chos!

dabo said...


dabo said...

to each is own.. but you will realize that blogs evolved like having a life of its own..

blogs are not subject to permanence.. but your words are.. congrats ulet..

mel beckham said...

u deserve it.. congrats po. =)

jericho said...

@rye: share na lang tayo .. hehe
@mugen: always, we are more than gay men ;)
@fiona: bok talaga ha! hehe
@gibo: oo nga no. eh kasi naman lagi kong kasama si kiks kaya madaling malimutan
@dabo: thanks. sana it'll evolve itno something better .. hehe
@mel: thanks mel!

Diablo said...

haylavvet koya. deserving ka nga. ^_^

wanderingcommuter said...

applause!!! congrats!

chuchucaracas said...


kiel said...

well deserved win.

pero tama si gibo. medyo mahaba ang acceptance speech. hahahha