Monday, February 23, 2009

Singular sensation*

Recently, I've been having thoughts about being single. I don't know why but maybe, just maybe, it's because I am.

Or maybe it's because every time I talk to a family member, any one of them is bound to ask me if I have "someone" in my life. Then, I'm always bound to say, "I don't have a someone. I have many-ones."

Or maybe it's because of a botched meet up with A.

Or maybe guys and relationships are the usual topics I have with my gay friends. I don't mind.

Maybe that's it. I don't mind being single. You can't miss something you never had, eh?

I know what it's like to be in a relationship. Having been around with people in various stages and types of romantic relationships has given me a fair picture of what's it like. Yeah, some may disagree and say that to really know one is to be in one. I do concur but it does not debunk what I so far understand about relationships. It is the same as I don't have to be a woman to understand the basics of women's concerns.

Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. There are high moments and low ones. It's a life bound by the same economic, political, social and cultural conditions, blah blah blah. Just like being single.

I do believe that everyone has to have someone with them. But it is not necessarily with a romantic someone.

I am single but I am not alone. I've never felt alone and it's probably due to the constant presence of comrades, family and friends. It's a belongingness that works for me now.

I don't mean to say that I'll be single for life. Romance is not known to be ageist. And yeah, I will take THAT step sometime, somehow.

As matters stand now though, I am happy being single. Anyway, who says that happiness cannot be had single-handed?

* Title was suggested by G: the ultimate sensational single (?) guy.


Kiks said...

against all odds, pinost pa rin.

walang tinge of bitterness?

pero aminin, galit ang word verification ko.

[G] said...

dont believe kiks, matandang dalaga na kasi sya.

sino si A? tanong ng audience.

sagot ng bubwit: L talaga sya.

kawadjan said...

"I am single but I am not alone."

-- amen, pareh. i believe (said a la miss gay contestant) that you only need to surround your self with genuine friends and you can be as happy. a lover is just the icing on the cake.

Lyka Bergen said...

The LTE Sisters used to validate single-hood by sealing close bonds with each other. But at the end of the day, each still looks for that 'someone' to get one's hands on the crown.

Mugen said...

Parang nagrereinforce ka ng isang bagay sa sarili mo. Joke! Hehehe. Nakikiisa ako sa iyong pagiging single. Kaunting, kaunti na lang, maari akong gumawa ng bagong pact na higit na magpapatibay sa aking singleblessedness. Kelangan ko lang maging mas bato pa. :)

mel beckham said...

i agree with ate lyka. at the end of the day when you think about it, may kulang talaga that your friends or family can never fill....

....but after a few orgasms, nakakalimutan ko na rin. LOL

Elyong said...

For now, you are single and happy... enjoy the moment.. hehehe

Yj said...

oo nga... enjoy the moment... masarap kaya maging single....

masarap lumandi pag walang nakabakod sayo nyahahahaha

jericho said...

@kiks: sa'yo yun. tse! hehe
@G: si AL?
@kawadjan: nakakataba ang icing diba? chos!
@lyka: guess it's different strokes for different folks ;)
@mugen: may kasamang blood compact?!
@mel: hahaha . true! lol
@elyong: yes, for now. ;)
@Yj: hahaha. walang cat to watch. :D

the donG said...

i know some people livign single happily. it might be challenging but im sure if that's what makes you happy, then i think itll work.

Abou said...

kapag single, gusto me ka relasyon.

pero kung minsan nasa relasyon ka na, naiisip mo pa rin na sana single ka pa

nasabi ko lang

Mac Callister said...

di ka pa nagka relationship before?

wow is that a choice ba or what?

sabagay makikiagree na muna me about happy being single kasi single din ako now e hehehe.mabuhay tayong mga single!

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olan said...

"I am single but I am not alone."

GOOD for you! But I have some point for you to ponder: YOU ARE SINGLE BUT ARE YOU COMPLETE? if not then you;ll say this:

"I am single but I am not alone. BUT I AM EMPTY!"

:( sad noh....

Anonymous said...

@dong: it still is working. so far. hehe
@abou: haha. magulo ang utak ng mga tao. lol
@Mac: haha. Mabuhay!
@olan: hmm. i've always believed that relationships is not about completing one's self. it's more of another arena for self-growth. kasi wala namang limit ang growth so there's really no completion point.

- jericho -

lucas said...

it's cool to be single. maraming advantages. hehehe!

isipipis said...

aaron, tumagos sa akin ito.

being single is not so bad after all.

thanks parekoy, kahit lagi kang nakikipagcyber. hahaha.

Ken said...

Ah, singledom.


Just because you're single, that doesnt mean you're lonely. I agree.

Reading about your life, I know you have a lot with you... But Im hoping that your "other half" will come soon.

Roland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roland said...

nasa 40 nba? ...wala lang, seems you are departing from ages 39 downwards... kaya siguro nakakaramdam ng ganyan. haha! =)

lahat tayo may nakatakdang kabiyak dito sa mundo. nagtatago pa yung sayo!

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sendzki said...

ahw...hmmm tingin ko nga pero kelangan pa rin natin ng lifetime partner, no man is an island..bwaha, but a ninja is an island, lol, duh haha!

dabo said...

hoy baka gusto mong bumuhay ng mga patay na ;) miss you kuya jericho!

Mac Callister said...

parang may mga sapot ns ng gagamba sa blog na to...asan kaya ang author?LOL

calling! calling!

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