Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just spent the best part of the past six hours wracking my brain to come out with a decent write-up about wage and foreign domestic helpers. I failed.

It's irritating to say the least and worrisome at most when – as you seem to think – you have the analysis, the language and the outline but you still cannot put them into words that'll make sense and better yet, gather support for the cause of domestic workers in Hong Kong.

So what did I do today? Stared blankly at my computer screen, wrote sentences, deleted sentences, answered phone calls, dipped into other people's affairs, smoked, drank coffee and yeah, slacked. Probably the most productive things I did were to take the minutes of a meeting and finalize the title of what I was supposed to be writing.

I need to do better. If I don't, then these will probably happen:

  • My list of things-to-do will only get longer
  • I will not be able to go to Volume
  • I'll gain more weight
  • I will get cranky and ill-tempered and probably lose my Ms. Congeniality title
  • "@work" will be constantly plastered on my YM and only the most daring of my friends will send me a message
  • I will miss another week of Tayong Dalawa


All because of a freakin' FAQ. FA-Q!


blagadag said...

get out. get laid.



Tadah.. A post was written.. It's not unproductive at all.. :)

Lyka Bergen said...

Hinay-hinay lang Pre! Cyber-sex tayo mamaya. Chos!

Yj said...

ayan nailabas mo na nega vibes... subukan mo na ulit ahiihihihi

mel beckham said...

ate AA, halika. usap tayo. char!

lucas said...

i heard maganda daw yung tayong dalawa...hmmm...ewan ko parang nawala na gana ko sa mga primetime drama...

thanks :)

Kiks said...

i shall express solidarity with you friend. hindi rin ako magvovolume.

pagdating na lang ni paul.

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