Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Shot at Love

I bit more than I can chew when I said I’ll post something about love. I’ll take it up from what a friend wrote.

“I thrive in objectivity. By training and by practice, I analyze and rationalize and sometimes, even overly so.”

Years of talking with other people about their love life – the crazy and the profound, the romantic and the bland – has made me look at love objectively. But as others say, you’ll never really know until you feel it.

Like all other emotions, it is hard to be rational with love. Some even looks at it as insanity.

Amidst all the irrationality, a level head must still be maintained. Rationality is not the tap that can turn an emotion on and off. But it is what gives the direction. So that we get tempered. We get to consider our actions. We get to learn.

“Through common blog friends, we “met”. I enjoyed reading yours and you said the same for mine though you do not really read the political things I write about. That’s fine and it doesn’t matter now. I also do not read things you write about fashion. Maybe the themes will grow on us later.”

How do you say you know a person long enough to love him? There is no hard and fast rule I guess. Because knowing a person is a continuous process.

Of course there are the basic things to know thus the oh-so-lame now a/s/l. But people do essentially change. Thus if emotions like love is based on how you know and relate with a person, then they also change. They may grow and strengthen and they may also stagnate and die.

The condition may be difficult. In many cases, it is a matter of distance. A friend of mine said that distance is just an excuse. I say it is part of the condition that is used to justify an excuse. As we usually say, “effort talaga to.” We may lose despite the effort. But as always, the possibility is there.

“So when did it happen? I don’t know when. How did it happen?”

When one falls, he falls. Sometimes, when matters but not so much so with how.

It is seldom that one finds a person he can talk for hours with and still look forward to the next time. Of course love is not measured by such alone. If it is, then shrinks have the best romance in the world.

I do enjoy our conversations. It has become almost automatic of me to be in front of my laptop at 3:00 pm barring any meeting or appointment. This reminds me of the three o’clock habit our religion teacher taught us in primary school. Only a wee bit more sinful.

We talk. We connect. It is what we have now and maybe it will work out.

“Recently you asked what the future holds. I don’t know. The question, for now, is as wide as the ocean that is between us.”

Love. It sucks oh so often. Still, we love.


Mugen said...

And topics about love, somehow make me sad. :(

Lyka Bergen said...

matanong lang.... sino sya?

alimuom.atbp said...

ei (di kta matawag na bro e, sis na lang), I wish you success.
ilunsad ang digmang rosas!
at kailangan, pink na rosas!

gibo said...

lyk ko ang post na ito. lyk lyka, ang tanong ko rin: zino zya?

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

in love si jericho. malapit na ang second coming.

may hula ako kung sino.


Coldman said...

wow! love is in the air! Yahoo!

wanderingcommuter said...

oo nga is in the air...

binary opposition ang politica at fashion. hahaha!!! pero panalo ang post na ito.

Jericho said...

@mugen: ba't ako masaya? charing! hehe
@lyka: gusto mo talagang malaman?..:)
@droidz: ikaw ang ate ko. hehe. digma talaga teh!
@gibo: 2nd ate ... tse!
@mandaya: tsismosa! hehe
@coldman: sana .. hehehe
@wanderer: opposite talaga? hehe



yun lang.

wanderingcommuter said...

well, opposite attracts naman di ba? hahaha! makabawi lang!

cant_u_read said...


yun lang. aru.

chase / chubz said...

a post about love? wow, this is new.

ayay.. kinikilig ako. hindi ko alam bakit. hehe