Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Endings (or not)

A friend of mine is leaving Hong Kong for good.

He put our relationship succinctly in a card he gave me last night: weird.

We are not the type who talk endlessly for hours on a regular basis. In fact, it takes a miracle for us to see each other twice or thrice a month.

Despite such infrequent meet ups, our different takes on GMA and other political matters, our different fashion sense, and our different lifestyles, our friendship survived the three years that we’ve known each other. We usually talk as if we just saw each other yesterday.

I’ll miss the cakes he brings me from the Philippines (he gave me a sinful, chocolate-topped, chocolate-filled chocolate cake last night). I’ll miss his questions about Hong Kong as if I’m the expert. I’ll miss talking to him about his exes. And darn it, I never even got the chance to see his boyfriend I advised him to say yes to years ago.

We had an easy camaraderie. Somehow, I know we’ll see each other again and somehow, I know we’ll take it up again from where we left off.

* * *

Two of my favorite TV series just had their season finale.

Season 2 of Brothers and Sisters ended with the two most unlikely persons to get married getting hitched. Then there were these two characters I’ve been dying to see kiss finally do it. Nora was her usual self that make me wish I’m a Walker. Obviously I am not but apparently a certain “Ryan” is.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy ended its fourth season with a bang. Finally, finally Derek and Meredith seem to have a chance. Cristina has resurfaced from her recently battered self. George – why isn’t he playing gay? – is getting his mojos up. Alex has shown his gentlest side yet. Izzie looks like she has found her niche.

Shonda Rhimes did convey what she wanted with those last two episodes. There’s hope and there will be Season 5.

* * *

Ka Bel will be lain to rest today. Accolades he rightfully deserves have been given in the Philippines and abroad. Many people will surely miss him. As what my friends Kiks and Ina said, it is hard to talk about Ka Bel in the past tense.

He has been an important part of the people’s movement. I guess for as long as the national democratic movement lives on, Ka Bel will always be present.

* * *

I thought about ending it last night. There’s too much at stake, too many hassles, too much complications and too many reasons to call it quits.

But I can’t ....


yoshke said...

I thought about ending it last night. There’s too much at stake, too many hassles, too much complications and too many reasons to call it quits.

But I can’t ....


cant_u_read said...

thought of ending what?

not ou wednesday habit, i hope. se u tonight at v?

I'M BLUE said...

anong "do" mo sa hongkong?

Lyka Bergen said...

Sayang! Sayang! Kung ano man yun!

wanderingcommuter said...

ang dami naman goodbyes na nagaganap sa buhay mo lately....haaayyy!

Jericho said...

@yoshke: tsimosa! chos! hehe
@ryeness: never that. hangga't may libre..;)
@blue; "do"? "ka-do?" hehe
@lyka: ..;)
@wanderer: bye! charot!.. hehe

gibo said...

maliban yung ka bel..oks lang ang mga ending..para may bagong season.

yung ending sa ending ng post, nagsimula na ba?

mel beckham said...

kung ano man yun, 'wag mo munang tapusin. 'wag po, 'wag po! sayang.. ~manilyn reynes~


sana "hello" naman ang mabasa ko next :D

pat said...

what were you gonna end? kabaklaan? wag.

Jericho said...

@gibo: postponed indefinitely
@mel: nabuhay si Mane!
@kris: haha. let's see.
@pat: scary thought. pinanindigan ako ng balahibo.