Thursday, January 1, 2009

Before 2008 left

The holiday season turned out real happy and such a blast.

  • Gifts. This was the only Christmas that I received more than two gifts including a Magical Orb that told me that I'll have a boyfriend this 2009 but we will also break up within the year. Talk about giving me a high and crushing my morale in a span of one minute.

  • Went to a Christmas party with my gay friends and drank the whole night away together with never-ending stories and laments about men and relationships. Why does Christmas, at times, bring to fore what should not be brought up? Still, it was loads of fun. Then I went home with a slight hangover and a big crush. Joke!

  • Finished reading Twilight. Though it's not something I am inclined to read again – as is my habit – it was alright. Half of the time I was reeling to strangle Bella to make up her mind and the other half imagining how it feels like to be torn between the likes of Edward and Jacob. It was a light read. Somewhat like Harry Potter but with fangs.

  • Greeted the New Year with fellow migrant workers and became the Fruitsalad Queen. I am not sure if I ever stopped smiling and laughing for five straight hours. Does it mean that I'll be like this for the rest of the year?

Other stuff that happened here and there: a dinner with Kiks and a good friend, Steve; an unplanned sleepover that made me discover an unknown sleeping disorder of mine, and; the biggest 'birthday' event I've ever been.

It was a perfect two weeks. Well, almost … if only Israel did not go all berserk, bombed Gaza, and spouted the same mantra of "terrorism" that Bush used to spout just before he invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

Happy New Year everyone!


lucas said...

i'm currently reading twilight on my laptop...sakit sa mata...i just got curious because of the bad reviews spreading throughout the web... :)

blagadag said...

what's d sleeping disorder? nanggapang ka?

mel beckham said...

ate AA happy new year! mwaaaahhhh!

sendzki said...

wahh enjoy na enjoy ka ah...more enjoyment this 2009!


hmmm... twilight.

I watched the film last week, I might buy the book/series later. But I dont think I'll have the time to read it. So back to square one... Im not buying it.


jericho said...

@lucas: it was worth the time. may ilan lang dragging moments.;)
@blagadag: he was all too willing na magapang .. hehehe
@mel: happy new year!
@sendzki: sana .. sana.. :D
@kris: hahaha. kalokah ka. i'll watch the movie soon.

bananas said...

Quote---GMA is nothing but a dead Ferdinand Marcos coming alive in a woman's body.A constitutional amendment will the final crowning of another dictator--Unquote

ang gandang comment ito ng youtube user na ang handle ay LARmdpc.

ang ganda rin ng video. panalong panalo.

pi nyo nyer sayo aaron

The Zen Bitch said...

read twilight while on transit sa bangkok last year... so-so... like you said, mala-harry potter, with fangs nga lang... kaya lang... kahit may fangs, walang kagat ang kuwento... ewan... di ko type!

hapi nyu yir!

FerBert said...

may ebook ako ng twilight.. yung unang libro lang ang binasa ko.. hindi ko sya nagustuhan..

happy new year jericho! penge yosi! lol

JoShMaRie said...

happy new year! :)

kiel said...

i never figured you to be a 'twilight' reader. interesting...

happy new year.

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