Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some endings

Spoiler alert!


It's the end of the road for the ex-prisoners of Fox River after running from seemingly endless enemies and unfortunate events. Honestly, I found the whole Scylla storyline (though it was the core of the whole thing) quite dragging and even the twist of the long-lost mother's appearance was a wee bit of a stretch. The first season was still Prison Break's best and I guess it was the one that got me hooked on the show and I just had to follow it through to the end.

If you're a sucker for happy endings, don't watch the last five minutes of its finale.


Another day has gone for Jack Bauer of 24. The twist on the life of Tony Almeida was not really that good after having watched his character in previous seasons.

I watch the show for its fast-paced story and the latest season did what was expected. However, if Jack pulls through again from where the script left him – in bed dying – he's really one lucky bastard.


Grey's Anatomy has always been one of my favorites. The characters are just so diverse and they always have their own stories to tell. I guess it's what makes it interesting for at the end of each season, you don't only ask what will happen to Meredith Grey but to the whole bunch of Seattle Grace's doctors.

Meredith and Derek appear to be settling down, Cristina has the hottie Dr. Hunt, McSteamy has mellowed down with Little Grey and Dr. Bailey has again shown where to hurt her most: her family.

Meanwhile, Alex Karev's character got more action in the latest season and he showed what he got (too bad, there was not much shirt off scenes of him).

As for George and Izzie, what will happen to them is the biggest question for the next season. Who's gonna die? For me, I love George but for chrissake, can't he play gay next time?


I will just echo what many fans have written of Brothers and Sisters' season finale: what the f*ck was that?


I am not much into endings because it's tiring to grapple with the question of when you'll really end something.


Lyka Bergen said...

Just Bro and Sis for me.... and for your question re: their Season Finale... That was Mango Shake with no sugar. Not sweet but healthy and still one of my fave.

Turismoboi said...

oo nga panget na ung prizon break

Kiks said...

And as for your last night, was that some ending?


(sorry di na ako nakasagot last night. slept off my colds. didnt want to spoil my thursday.

hope your thursday isn't.)

jericho said...

@Lyka: I watched the episode again. I still couldn't get that kick whenever I watch a really good B&S episode. The finale had its moments at most. But, like you, also one of my fave. ;)
@cj: still, it's satisfying to know how it ended.
@kiks: tse! hindi na kita bibigyan ng kopya ng kahit ano.

kiel estrella said...

my take on these series:

sa prison break - bukod sa eye candy si wentworth, its not worth shit.

sa brothers and sisters - calista is so over after the first few seasons of allie mcbeal, abah, eh ni-ressurect pa ng ibang series?

sa 24 - luv kiefer as jack. hate the format, nakakapagod. really nice as a novelty for a few seasons, now it's just tired and tiring.

sa grey's anatomy - aylahveet. well most of the time. the meredith character is really sidelined by yang, izzie, george & bailey. except when she gets upset and redeems herself with some really insightful rant.

sus! isang buong post na ito ah!

lucas said...

thanks for the spoiler alert! season 3 plang ako kaya hindi ko binasa..hehe!

Looking For The Source said...

nung nabasa ko ung title, sabi ko na hindi ko babasahin eh. kasi hindi ko pa napapanood yun! so comment mode na lang ako...


Jek! Ya man!

hmmm.. what can i say....

Unfortunately I dont really follow those series religiously so I wont get disappointed that much.


Bryan Anthony said...

madalas ko imagine kung ano amoy ng titi ni jack bauer...

pawisin at mabuhok.


Bryan Anthony said...

madalas ko imagine kung ano amoy ng titi ni jack bauer...

pawisin at mabuhok.


pesteng word verification, parang auditing problem.

Bryan Anthony said...

madalas ko imagine kung ano amoy ng titi ni jack bauer...

pawisin at mabuhok.


pesteng word verification, parang auditing problem.

sendzki said...

kk manonood pa pala ako ng prison break..tatapusin ko season 4..kk ..tingin ko ang saya haha

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