Sunday, March 21, 2010

Simply nasty

I wanted to sleep early tonight but a most bothering FB message from a friend, prompted me to write this short note.

For the context:

Even if E didn't turn out to be a friend, the sheer nastiness of what was done to his person was spiteful, malicious and downright mean.

I may not agree with E on some scores – we still have a pending discussion about the Marcoses and Mike Defensor – but on this matter, I am with him.

To the one who did the unthinkable, reflect on how out of bounds you were.

While you're at it, reflect on how you made me lose some of the sleeping time I needed.

Maybe, just maybe, you'll lose some of yours too.


wanderingcommuter said...

most of the time, the most desperate move is the cheapest and most immature ones....

mel beckham said...

Ate AA, you may want to examine how in the context it was said. Isa pa, it was Eric who made sugod and started commenting in Barrio Siete and writing nasty things and even cursing, calling us names. He's not that innocent. Of course you can't see them na sa comments because it was trashed already.

jericho said...

@wc: true
@mel: it's why i didn't comment on the "blog war" itself. but outting him like that is just foul. it was malicious and inconsiderate about how it could impact him as a person. given the prevailing attitudes towards people like him. even "wars" in blogs should have some rules. even unwritten, prudence should still be one.

Kiks said...

thanks for posting this, aa.

ito ang comment na pinost ko sa blog nya:

what you did, reyna elena, is foul.

alright that what some of these people did was below the belt and deserved condemnation. but you resorting to mudslinging and personal attacks is something i never thought you would do.

pumatol ka talaga and you stooped down much lower. all you could have done was resort to the ethics of journalism and be the respected blogger that you should have been.

you had to post a picture. you basically ruined someone else’s life. and with that, you are no different from those who shunned HIV positive people to hell.

i have lost my respect in you.


victor said...

"even 'wars' in blogs should have some rules. even unwritten, prudence should still be one."

hear, hear.

Ralph Allen said...

Just reading the thoughts! And oh, can't comment yet.

ikotoki said...

update na!

Mico Lauron said...

I am still at awe why things as this happen. I know this is inevitable but sobra naman yata yung ganun.

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