Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prodigal blogger

It is not because there is a new president installed that I am blogging again.

Though of course there are already a number of things I could blog about him. While this is still supposed to be a honeymoon period, it does not mean that one cannot already form an opinion on what he does, what he says and where he may be leading us. Even in honeymoons, the foreplay is still an indicator of how the climax will be like.

It is also not because of any life-changing experience or any epiphany of sorts that I am having a new post.

I am still an OFW working in a job I enjoy doing. Still an activist taking on issues from the overpriced e-passport to the exclusion of foreign domestic workers in the statutory minimum wage that is soon to be finalized in Hong Kong. Still marching. Still struggling.

It is also not because I am having an emotional
moment that I again am writing.

While indeed there have been a couple of them in the past months, none has been heart-wrenching enough that a major laugh trip could not jumpstart the moving on process. Besides, a moment is supposed to last only for a moment.

So why am I blogging?

Maybe because I got some more moments to process and the recent laugh trips have not been major enough. Or because an activist's work is never really done and there is a host of OFW concerns – old, new and mutated ones – I do care to write about. Or because the new president is yet to banish the nightmares induced by GMA and really work on the dreams he built his campaign on.

Or maybe simply, I am blogging because it is 4 o'clock in the morning, there's a steaming mug of coffee on my desk, and a fresh pack of cigarettes is just too inviting.


Mu[g]en said...

It's because the silence is too deafening, even muted words offer solace.

Welcome back. :)

Boying Opaw said...

isisi na lang natin sa kape at yosi...


Mico Lauron said...

It's nice to have read something from you again. We all, once in awhile, been too lazy to write our thoughts down. Well, you just did.

Abou said...

regardless of anything, it is always nice to xpress our opinions on anything that affects our being.

so pano, kape muna tayo?

wanderingcommuter said...

isisi sa ispageyti at sa katotohanang hanggang ngayon hidni pa din nakakamit ang hustiya at lupain para sa mgha magsasaka ng hacienda luisita!

blagadag said...

maglinis ka nga ng ashtray. ang baho na. pati yang mug ng kape, hugasan mo rin. tapos mag blog ka pa para sabayan kita. sarap kaya ang sabay.

Anonymous said...

welcome back!
kape at yosi naman dyan


MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

at tayo'y nagsibalikan sa sinapupunan ni inang blogspot

Anonymous said...

,yeah..Let's juz hav a nice coffee and a cigar..

lhen said...

,yeah..Let's juz hav a nice coffee and a cigar..

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