Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pimple talk

I went around doing my usual Sunday stuff with a big pimple on my nose. Yeah, it's its favorite place to make an appearance and I sometimes think it always feels proud to be red and prominent. The diva!

Of course, I got the usual "uy, in love!" or "sino naman yan?" Frankly, if there is one, there's no way he'll be named Pimple.

As it turned out though, the pimple gave way to a talk with a friend who's on the verge of falling.

Asked about what she's going to do about it, she gave a litany of why she doesn't really dwell on it now: the other person is still recovering from a breakup, there's a consideration about family, the other person may not be ready, and they are friends, yadda yadda yadda.

But asked about her state on this matter, she got stumped. It did make me think that when we think of another person so much, we sometimes forget that it is good to start with the self first when you want to have a relationship with someone.

Kind of self-absorbed one may say. But then again, when you don't really know who and what you are when you think you are already on the verge of falling, how will you know if you fall standing up or with your ass flat on the ground?

Unromantic? Maybe. But who said that love should be a free fall?

When you are on the precipice of love, I think it is worthwhile to stop for a while and ponder on what you got so far before taking the plunge. Therein lies what you got to offer to the relationship. The rest are still promises. Who knows, maybe you'll come up with an even better you before making the move.

And when you finally give in, at least you'll know what you are giving. Pimple and all.


mel beckham said...

etchos. namamangka ka sa 'the nile river' ate AA. hahaha

E said...

I LOOOOOOVVVEEEE ET!!! I give you to 3 "PAK"'s for this...PAK! PAK! PAK! As for the gigantic pimple--two word, Steroid shot (not the muscle builder drug, derma knows what I'm talking about)

Lyka Bergen said...

Ang Love-Love na yan, para ngang Pimples... may maliit, may malaki, may kitang kita, may tago... at palaging dapat gamutin. Pls lang!

kiel estrella said...

can it be called 'plunge' if it involves thinking before jumping? di ba ang love ay about 'taking chances'?

sabi nga ni lola celine,

'what do you say to taking chances? what to you say to jumping off the edge? never knowing if there's solid ground below, or hand to hold, or hell to pay. what do you say?'

i guess you are saying that you should know yourself so the other can say the 'you' in 'i love you'. pero in my experience, no other event changes a person than falling in love, so how can you have a good idea of 'you' when 'you' will almost inevitably be transformed once you fall in love?

i swear! char.

jericho said...

@mel: hindi ako marunong mamangka... hehe
@E: gusto kong mawala sya at its own will. chos!
@lyka: marami ka nito? love i mean, hindi the pimples. hehe
@kiel: you don't take a plunge without processing something first. unless, hinahabol ka ng masasamang-loob. hehe. i was more of talking about the "you" before one takes that plunge. the transformation is another matter.

Mu[g]en said...

Gusto ko ang sagot ni Kiel! Talagang may pinaghugutan, at alam ko kung saan! Lol.

kiel estrella said...

@ echo - you don't understand, lagi akong hinahabol ng masamang loob. they are all after my body. char!

@ mugen - hoyyy!!! paano mo nalaman kung saan ko hinuhugot unless sa iyo? haha

teka, blog ko ba ito?


deep thoughts about Love... reading this is like listening to an old uncle... without the usual "telling off" sessions of course.

Fickle Cattle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fickle Cattle said...

A pimple also always grows on my nose every freaking year. It's almost tradition.

Silly_Sili_Kid said...

right in front in the middle of nostrils. Grrrrreat!

Anonymous said...

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