Monday, August 18, 2008

In the larger scheme …

In the larger scheme of things, 0.30 centavos out of 200 is no big deal. Such an amount can hardly be missed.

In the larger scheme of things, 150 from P10,000 is also not that much. Of course it is not an amount that one can just leave lying on the floor. It's already equivalent to one meal at Jollibee or a couple kilos of rice.

But still in the larger scheme of things, it hardly matters.

In the larger scheme of things, the 0.15% documentary stamp tax on remittances may not even be noticeable. Probably that was why it did not get attention until it was implemented.

In the larger scheme of things, remittance charges are also small. Here in Hong Kong, it ranges from HK$20 to HK$30. But in other countries like those in the Middle East, it gets higher as the remittance increases.

In the larger scheme of things, at least according to GMA, the EVAT is necessary for her so-called brand of progress. For an OFW who sends 10k, for example, for the basic needs of the family, that is P1,200 that goes EVAT.

Considering the economic conditions back home, it is safe to say that families of Filipinos abroad are probably the bulk of the population who still have purchasing capacity. Thus, the evident drive of businesses to expand to the OFW market.

In the larger scheme of things, if we believe La Gloria, it again does not matter for everyone shall benefit in the end.

In July last year, the first Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) was convened in Belgium. Some of its most telling conclusions include:

  1. That remittances to developing countries are one of the largest sources of external finance for developing countries, and can represent a large share of GDP for some of them. The World Bank estimates that recorded remittances to developing countries (i.e., excluding informal flows) reached $206 billion in 2006, almost two-thirds of foreign direct investment ($325 billion), and almost twice as large as official aid ($104 billion) received by these countries. Remittances are also considered to be more stable and evenly spread than other financial flows such as ODA or FDI, and are also considered to be countercyclical.
  2. That remittances cannot be appropriated by governments, but their positive impact on development can be increased through options, incentives and tools designed and implemented by governments in partnership with other relevant actors.

This year the second GFMD will be in Manila. While it reeks of motherhood statements on “rights”, the DST, EVAT and remittance charges are serious indicators of what the GFMD is really gearing for. And with the Philippines as host, it means commodification of migrants and intensified labor export.

Not much different with other goods for trade. Only migrants can be traded again and again as long as we are good.

But then again, in the larger scheme of things...Oh, wait. There's probably nothing larger than this scheme.


Bryan Anthony the First said...

nakaka-paningkit ng mata!

Kiks said...

ito ang dahilan kung bakit ako uuwi ng pilipinas.

habang nagagalit ako, nangiti rin ako:

Makikita nila.

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays...ako naman gusto kong lumabas ng bansa..ahehe...

dazedblu* said...

Hihi,.. in the larger scheme of things --> drop it from almost 7 times been read. sike :)

mel beckham-atienza said...

May pag-asa pa ba? Feeling ko hangga't nandyan ang nunal na tinubuan ng mukha ay hopeless pa rin. Pero I'm still wishing for our country's best.


What can we do about it, jek?

I hope RP's govt will focus on programs that'd really benefit its people.

And i hope Rp's politics will evolve into something more objective and matured.

And I hope no surgeries will be discovered yet to increase people's height; or else GMA will undergo that operation using Pinoy's tax.

wanderingcommuter said...

ito ang mga bagay na lalong nakakapag agit sa akin. argh!!!

reyna elena said...

Great post! (parang ang susunod na sentence eh - PA LINK NGA! hahaha!) wez biro, great post nga sya!

At eto ang nalaman nang barukang reyna ateng:

The biggest group of OFW who are sending monies sa Flippines para lumutang ang ating ekonomiya at si Gloria eh maligaya - guess what - DOMESTIC HELPERS. Yeap, domestic helpers na pinupugutan nang ulo, tinutulak sa hi-rise buildings, kinakadena sa kwarto, ni-ri-rape nang mga hayup na employers, at ini-ismol ismol nang karamihan dahil karamihan sa kanila wez pinag-aralan. In the end, it would turn out na ang study nang Central Bank would identify them positively na sila pala ang biggest group na nag-re-remit nang pera sa bayan.

Professionals? They do earn big bucks. Kaso di sila kasindami nang mga domestic helpers.

You would think na with this information, dapat they (MGA BUAYA SA GOBYERNO) would have known by now kung pano tulungan ang mga domestic helpers natin pero WALA. What they do is very reactive. Hihintayin kung sino uli ang pupugutan, taz unahan nang photo op para masabi na they are pro-OFW's para sa susunod na election.


boying said...

briefly: MAKAULIT!

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

kelan ba may naisip na matinong project si Arroyo?


wala akong maisip.