Thursday, August 28, 2008


I just wanna say I’m happy. No contextualization, no rationalization, no intellectual masturbation.

Today I start my 31st year. Just now, I have come to realize that it’s easier to do a make-believe eulogy post than a real birthday writeup. Anyway, I don’t really want to start this day writing long posts.

I just came from a bar with friends who met August 28 with me – Kiks, Steve, Dan, Rye, Enan, Ryan, Jethro, Liz, Val, Abby, Loven, Ricci and a host of other gay guys I don’t know and who don’t know me but I don’t really care. It was a gay bar anyway. So thanks guys!

It was my first time to greet my birthday in a bar. Honestly. The nearest that I came to having it was when my former colleagues back in 2001, I think, took me to a straight bar days after my birthday and got me so drunk that I was even able to take six shots of my birthday shooters. Also, this was my first time to have a birthday with gays other than Kiks.

I’m tempted to stand by my previous press release that I’m turning 29. I did that just so I can tell these 20-something gay guys na “papunta pa lang kayo, pabalik na ako".

But then, that won't be completely true. I've never believed in having things the way it used to be. There's only the prospect of turning 32, 33, 34 and so on until finally someone can read my eulogy and really cry.

So how is it to be 31? It feels the same when I turned 30. Just another year gayer maybe.



I know it's just numbers... but still...

Belated na ba?

Happy Bday my blooger friend.

Lyka Bergen said...

Happy Birthday, Aaron!!!! 31 is the new 21, kaya bengga ang debut mo sa Gay Bar. Sino pala ang escort mo sa Cotillon?

mel beckham-atienza said...

Happy Birthday Ate Aa!

Anong gusto mong gift?

I wish u peace of mind and good health. More men and more years of wisdom. Mwaaah!

Ken said...

You've added another tree ring in your trunk. It would be another year of ecstatic misadventures. ;)

Oh, by the way, did you know that the male sex hormone is at its highest during the late teens and early twenties, then gradually falls over the remainder of a man's life? How's yours doing? :D

kawadjan said...

happy birthday dahling.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Happy birthday!

More happy and gay years to come!

We don't grow old naman di ba? We grow up?

Happy birthday uli!

jericho said...

@kris: hindi pa belated. abot na abot pa.. hehe
@lyka: hahaha. wala akong escort. walang pera na pambayad. charot!
@mel: gusto kong gift? ITLOG!!!! nung alaga mong manok ... hehehe
@ken: mine feels like i'm just starting.. hahaha
@kawadjan: thanks. enjoy kayo sa trip.. hmp! hehe
@keitaro: true. we don't grow old. we grow beautiful. chos!

dazedblu* said...

Happy Birthday man :) wish yew all the best in yer life.

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

I wanna grow BEAUTIFUL too! Lol!:)

Lawstude said...

pinadpad ako dito ng mga komento mula sa mga blogger friends ko (madami sa link mo nasa link ko rin)at nagenjoy ako sa pagbasa sa post mo. tama si kj, age is just a number. ang importante, you should be 1 year wiser. have a nice day.

Mugen said...

Happy Birthday Jericho. I wonder how would my life be, when I'm at your age.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

kiss kiss!!
happy birthday!!

Kiks said...

Mugen, I thought you already have gone past that stage Jericho is just passing through now. Teehee.

HBD Badet. Them 20somethings would still be there running after you. But please, not the other way around.

coldman said...

happy birthday! more blessings and journeys!

Honestly, you dont look like 41 in your pic!

Hahaha! joke.

you look young for 31. =)

jericho said...

@dazedblu: TY po!
@keitaro: who wouldn't want to? hehe
@lawstude: i think i am wiser. i think lang. chos!
@mugen: lagot ka... malapit na. hehe
@bryan: sino iki-kiss ko? hehe
@kiks: hahaha. dapat denure. hehe
@coldman: thanks! i look 11? hehe

Abou said...

importante happy ka at me sexlayp. ok na yun he he.

hey hey...pi bertdey.


alimuom.atbp said...

happy birthday, jericho!
life is short, so enjoy every minute...


Rio said...

hi..happy birthday=)
napadaan lang po=)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday- turismoboi

Princhecha Fiona said...

belated happy bday! :)

hope you had a blast! :p

RONeiluke, RN said...

happy birthday...papunta pa nga lang ako..ahehehe!

ang hirap talagang masabi ang difference when your talking only a year that had passed...

boying said...

ei, happy birthday.

holdencaulfieldisms said...

base sa mga comments it would appear na birthday mo pala. cute ka pala sa personal. sa picture na hindi malayo.

yoshke said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

It's a nice post. Simple pero nakakapag-isip din. Hihi.

wanderingcommuter said...

grineet na kita. pero igregreet ulit kita para hidni naman ako huli sa blog mo. nyahaha! umamin ka na kasi ng totoong edad mo... hahaha

sendzki said...

wahhh tanda na..hehehe....magpakaligaya ka lang sa buhay at sana ay makita mo ang katuturan ng buhay hehe

jericho said...

@abou: paano kung happy lang? hehe
@alimuom: ay.. long ako. chos!
@rio: thanks
@turismoboi: salamat po!
@fiona: i had .. a couple. lol
@ron: oo nga. dapat every 2 years ang birthday.
@boying: thanks
@pat: haha. wag lang ding masyadong malapit ang picture.
@yoshke: salamat
@wandering: tse! inamin ko na nga diba? ;)
@sendzki: dinidiskubre ko pa ;)

amateur misanthrope said...


I like the way the post contains no angst, no drama.

Next month, it's my turn to turn 31.

dabo said...

Jericho.. Happy Birthday!

I wish you butterflies and Diana Zubiri! hahaha

the donG said...

nahuli yata ako. belated happy birthday jericho.

Roland said...

sabi nila ang isang tao pag tumatanda dapat nagma-mature... and im sure isa ka doon... dont worry the age, the more you look old the more you look attractive... haha.

dyosa said...

Happy Birthday!

31 is just a number. Sabi nga, it's all about quality and not quantity. :-)