Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mummify The Mummy!

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was one hell of a killer movie. It could literally bore you to death.

The plot was thin and the acting was mediocre. There were lots of one-liners that were delivered as if just really reading from a script and came out more as disjointed dialogues. While the effects were pretty decent, the sheer mediocrity of it all didn't really make me riveted to what was unfolding before the big screen.

The story was simple ... and is not worth retelling. Whoever said that simplicity is beauty haven't really seen this film.

Though Brendan Fraser was still an eye-candy, my friends and I watched the film because of Jet Li. We are big fans of kung-fu and we were expecting fight scenes reminiscent of his Wong Fei-Hung stunts. Add Michelle Yeoh to the mix and it doubled our excitement.

But darn it, their presence did not lift the film even an inch from the quagmire it was in.

Aside from the fight with assassins stupid enough to try and kill him without stealth and the sword fight between Li and Yeoh, there was not much martial arts done.

Jet Li's magical mastery of elements could have been interesting to see in a fantastic showcase of elemental powers like in the cartoons Avatar: The Last Airbender. But after a few fire and ice, I didn't also get to see much of it.

All in all, we've had better mornings. I could not stop thinking that the past hours could have been spent in more fruitful work such as oversleeping.

I may have to watch The Warlords again just to redeem Jet Li's reputation before my eyes.

At the end of it, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor should have applied to itself its basic theme: better leave something horrible buried for thousands of years - undisturbed, untouched, unwatched.


Kiks said...

aaron speaks THE word on this movie.

if only his words would suffice to ease the pains he has inflicted on 9 other people he prodded to watch it.

naku, this post is halfway through jericho's redemption.

Mugen said...

Haha Thanks for the tip.

Taray mo pala maging critic ha. Ehehe.

mel beckham-atienza said...

talaga Ate? Naku, maglalast full show pa naman sana kami mamaya. tnx so much. Si johnlloyd at sarah na lang panunuorin namin! Ewan ko. Which is worse? Lol

jericho said...

@Kiks: leche. buti na lang wagi ang lunch pagkatapos.
@mugen: hahaha. mataray ba. mabait ako sa personal. lol
@mel: naku. magdala ka ng pocketboook kung sya ang papanoorin mo. mag john lloyd ka na lang .. cute pa. hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

watch it yesterday at pareho kayo ng friend ko ng sinabi... as much as i love jet li, i must agree with this post....

kiel said...

di na-redeem ng eye candy ni brendan f. ang movie? it must really be bad!

gibo said...

i've seen it. this is how far the mummy series can be stretched. they should bury the mummy series for good.

....and i can't believe brendan fraser has a son here! i feel so old...ya know, i used to date brendan ...ewww

mink said...

buti na lang napost mo , may balak pa naman akong panoorin, pero i did enjoy mummy 1 & 2

Mico Lauron said...

kokonte na lang ang mga movies na magaganda ano? ewan ko ba.. went to the movie house to earlier today. *sigh* ganun lang din.. hehehe!

buti ka pa nga kase wagi ang lunch mo. eh ako, hay naku po.! wahahaha!

Roland said...

i love the Mummy series for its epic action, sense of humor and great special effects. The first one is good, the second one was okay, but this one is just absolutely horrible.

the addition of Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh didnt helped at all... a complete waste of Asian talent.

i think this movie was just using the hype of The Mummy franchise to market it.

hope this series is finally over!

ROneiluke said...

huhuhu! i don't know if i'm happy reading your blog...gustong gusto ko kasi tong panuorin...tapos nabasa ko pangit pala! (thanks for the tip) pero KAILANGAN ko tlgang panoorin! haha!

jericho said...

@wandering: mahal mo na si jet li? hehe
@kiel: hindi. kahit pa maganda pa rin ang katawan nya. :)
@gibo: baka naman si "brenda" ang dati mong dine-date? mwahaha
@mink: hahaha. forewarned us forearmed ba? ;)
@mico: saving grace ng umaga ko..;)
@roland: or if ever they decide to have another one, it'll take one hell of a hype to make me see it :)
@roneiluke: hahaha. your choice.. hehe

bananas said...

Ang taray-taray naman ng mga sinabi. wala akong masabi.

Anonymous said...

"Whoever said that simplicity is beauty haven't really seen this film."


At ang galing mong maging critic ha. Thanks for the tip :)

kawadjan said...

naku, next time magdala ng date sa sinehan. kase kahit gaano kapangit ang film worth it naman ang concept na may kahawak kang kamay.


what??? serious?

and im looking forward to watch that effing movie!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

salamat sa tip mama. hindi na ako bibili ng pirated dvd non.

dabo said...

ang laitero mo naman... napanood ko na sya.. at in fairness.. in fairness.. in fairness... sayang ang pinambayad namin

mrs.j said...

sori nmn daw t nabore ka sabi ng mummy 3

jericho said...

@bananas: eh bakit ka may comment? hehe
@efren: nakatuwaan lang po..;)
@kawadjan: haha. eh di dyeta ako sa movies nyan. hmp
@kris: sorry for the spoiler...;)
@mandaya: reyna ka talaga ng mga pirata.
@dabo: kureks. kaines! oist, hindi ako laitero sa tunay na buhay .. hehe
@mrs. j: apology accepted .. kung maghuhubad ulit si brendan fraser. ;)