Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Once Upon a Time …

I need to come up for air. I've been too ensconced in magical worlds for the past few days that if I don't stop now, I'm pretty sure that I'll be doing incantations soon, transport myself to Kelewan to be with the Tsuranis (their name sounds oh so gay) or at the very least be a priestess of the White.

Yep, I'm rereading some of Raymond Feists' collection from Magician: Apprentice to the Conclave of Shadows series. How cool can it be to be named Talon of the Silver Hawk? If I am to have a fantasy gay name I'll be …


It was a really sad story.

Len was a woman in her 30s and lived in a village south of Manila. The place was one of those lands developed for the lower to middle middle-class families or those who can somehow afford a couple of thousands monthly payment for their house and lot.

Anyway, Len lived with her husband and four sons. I forgot the actual job of her husband but I'm pretty sure it was something that gave them just enough for food on the table and public schooling for the kids.

Why do I think so? Because in times when I went home, I noticed that their house has remained unpainted, no steel gate has been erected, and one time, she had to borrow money from me through my mom. And yeah, I learned that her husband was planning to take a shot at overseas work.

The other week, Len died. She was pregnant with twin girls and from my mom's story; she died without even reaching the operating table….


Even Morpheus spent his whole life looking for THE ONE.

And I want to lay my head down on you
Because you're the only solid thing in this room


Somehow in the next few days, I'm really going to finish a proper blog post.

There've been a lot of things going on around here lately and whenever I start blogging, something comes up and thoughts just fly away to neverland.

Still, thinking about it, I have the tendency to start something and then let it go because it gets too complicated, becomes scarier, or I just generally lose interest with it. Though such a tendency does not manifest all the time especially with the real important stuff, it still is disturbing.

My activist colleagues always say that not everything can be had with mere agitation. Once the excitement wears off, once the grand dreams built start to crumble … basically, once the unaccounted for factors are finally recognized, then the first-time high either comes crushing down or descends to a more rational level.

Ok, I think I'm drifting off again …


… and I lived happily ever after.


reyna elena said...

shet naman! an lungkot nung len story! bitin! what happened to the twins?!

Abou said...

we can't help it. when life tends to complicate itself, we drift off to dreamland.

mel beckham said...

ay, bitin? hihi

at least, this was therapeutic 'di ba?

Mugen said...

From what I've read, she was pregnant with twin girls. Tama ba? O may tama pa rin ako?

FerBert said...

i feel sorry for len..

may magagawa pa ba tayo para doon. biktima ng kahirapan i guess..

Keitaro Hanazawa said...

Ang sad ng kwento ni Len. Hay. Wawa din yung twins.

Hindi pa ba proper post ito? :)

jericho said...

@reynz: died as well ..:(
@abou: then you come back and everything's unchanged..:)
@mel: haha. kinda
@mugen: tama! may tama ka joms! hehe
@ferbert: so true. she was scheduled for a CS weeks after her due date. public hospital kasi. maraming nakapila. haay.
@keitaro: hindi ba? hehe

palma tayona said...

sad... very sad.

dazedblu* said...

:(( wht more can [I] say?

reyna elena said...

eeekk?! so yun pala at di umabot, sori kulang ang chips ko sa brain! malungkot talaga!

dabo said...

ei.. take care.. don't push yourself to write..

just be you and make sure you stay healthy and Faaaahhbulous!

Lyka Bergen said...

Sad na ako. Napa sad more pa dahil sa kwento ni Len.