Monday, February 4, 2008


I do have one now. However, this is not me thinking about him but me asking myself: what the hell am I doing with such an insipid feeling that does not even have a definition anywhere except in good ole wiki?!

Alright, crushes are natural. We had them, we have them and most probably have more of them as long as our basic faculties are intact.

But when you are at a certain age - like 30 - what I think about crushes is that they are 24-hour (ok, maximum of a week!) things that have to be resolved one way or another. It is not something that you let fester under a coat of warm, fuzzy, gooey emotions. For pete's sake! You're not six anymore and blithely telling your elder sister that you've a got a crush on Steve Armstrong of Voltes V.

I can tell myself that "You've been there and you've done that" but I will not for I haven't been really there and I haven't really done that. But I can definitely tell myself that "You should be old enough to know better."

Do something! Either get on with it or get over it. Push it on or push it off. Build something or crush it to tiny pieces and just be happy with the company.

I haven't made up my mind yet. But somehow, I will learn whether I do know any better.


gibo said...

let it marinate.... mas masarap yan after a while.

cant_u_read said...

ibang level na ito, friend! binlog mo na!


jericho said...

@gibo: like I told you, sawa na ako sa kaka-marinate. lalo na sa buro. hehe

@ryeness: friend, i'm just keeping my promise to my blog. hahaha. anyway I didn't really talk about him.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

amenen.... me nararamdaman pang pag-iisip.

kailangan ba talaga?


wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha. its quite fun knowing the other generation's concept of crush. nyahahaha!!!

bananas said...

ay...goodluck teh. ako laging maraming crush. 30 na rin ako pero crush-crush pa rin. peste ano? pero event lang ng event. keryo na.

Ted said...

crush at 30??? hmmm... im 29 pero ikaw nga ni ryeness... eh kung kokolektahan ko ng 1 hkd ang lahat ng crushessssss ko kaya ko na bayaran ang tax ko

jericho said...

@kiks: wala pang kailangang pag-usapan dahil nagkakaintindihan pa naman kami ... ng aking sarili.. :D

@wandering: magka-generation ba tayo? hehe

@bananas: i'm beginning to think that crushes are there to torture us!

@ted: natuwa ako sa linya na yun!

charmed one said...

i dont think anyone is too old to have a crush. ako nga napapanaginipan ko pa crushes ko eh hahahaha, teka when did this become about me again?

Carl said...

hay issue pala kau ni commuter, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

hehe...ang saya naman ng post na ito. lalo na yung punto ng pagiging decisive sa huli. at si steve armstrong ng voltes v. haha, oo nga.


Anonymous said...

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