Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scrap the crap

They caved in. Or so we think.

While on one hand, Hong Kong OFWs have something to celebrate with the news that they'll be exempted from the new POEA Guidelines on Direct Hiring, there still remains the question of whether the guidelines should remain in the first place.

The obvious unpopularity of the new rule is evident with the actions done and planned by OFWs. Under such a situation, the government appears not to want to clash headlong with migrants' groups and thus had to offer something to douse the rage of OFWs.

But then, why only Hong Kong, Italy and Canada? Though it's true that the three have a relatively big concentration of Filipinos, their numbers combined will not even reach a third of the number of OFWs to be affected, say for example, in the Middle East.

So basically, the government's "caving in" is not much of one. It is a ploy to diffuse the tension that the guidelines created and take off some of the heat the government has been receiving not only on this issue but with the recent developments on the NBN scandal as well.

The POEA is sly and scheming. It figures for the mistress of duplicity sits in Malacanang.

At the end of it, POEA MC-04 is still crap and should just be scrapped.


wanderingcommuter said...

i also heard about the direct hiring policy. i think, its good ends but bad means. i think it would drive off foreign employers from getting workers from the country again.

gibo said...

ano pa ang pwede nating gawin to kill this SOB memo?

Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

narinig ko ito sa news last friday, it seems maganda naman ang layunin sa mga OFW yun nga lang mag second thoughts ang mga employers to DIRECT hire OFW's kasi nga nag mahal ng BOND ba yun... pero hindi naman daw affected yung hiring thorugh agencies eh... pero minus points pa rin if ever matuloy. todo react nga mga OFW dito kasi ang lakas ng kompetisyon dito sa SAUDI

reyna elena said...

Hay naku! nire-regla akoooo!!! Anyway: le'ts start here mga kunichiwaa:

saken, yong mga problema nang mga OFW mukhang iba iba ang degree at level by country or by region. if i base it sa mga nababasa ko sa news, plus yong mga emails saken nang mga tiga saudi, it seemed to me na mas problematic ang mga arab employers or at least mas matindi ata ang dinadanas nang mga OFW's dun.

Iba of course ang mga nababasa kong mga OFW problems dyan senyo sa HK at Singapore.

What pisses me off eh, blanket yong resolution nang POEA sa lahhhaaaaaattt nang problema nang mga OFW and yet, di man lang kinaliskis kung ano ang residual effect. If you look ang repercussions nung policy nila eh bumabalik sa mga OFW at mga pinoys na nag-babalak maging OFW.

Alam mo, against ako sa platporma nang gobyerno and even the dang schools in the Philippines who would pattern the curriculum para makalayas lahat nang mga graduates. I am for slowly stopping OFW migration by creating employment and business opportunities sa mga pinoys in the Philippines. I believe na ang talent nang mga Pinoys should be used to make Pinas great.

HOWEVER, I am sooooooo TORN because of the fact na wala ngang employment opportunity saten. Worst, I was in a situation na nag-try mag-business sa Manila - eh punyeta! Napaka ANTI-PILIPINO nung mga hayup na licensing requirements nila and you have no idea what I have gone through just to get the stupid bus license. Taz nung nakuha, ina-aaraw araw pa kamin nang aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ewan!!!! An daming kolektor at kesyo mali ang lagay nang fire extinguisher etcetra blah blah urantutang chuvalinga.

So, much as I don't want pinoys to go abroad, support na lang ako dahil wa naman talagang future ang mga graduates dun di ba? Eto nga ang reason why were outside of the Flippines.

Sa POEA? ewa ko ba dyan kung bakit they seem to have no idea what they're trying to resolve. I give them the benefit of the doubt that they're indeed trying to solve something. Di ko lang nga maintidihan kung ano yung something.

Sorry, inangkin ko na ang blog mo! HAHAHA! Entry na to hindi na comment! HAHAHA!!! Wag mo kong isumpa pls!!!!

jericho said...

@wandering: end doesn't always justifies the means?..;)

@gibo: oust GMA? hehe

@mink: hmmm... the thing is, I do not believe that direct hiring IS the problem. the problem precisely ay ang mga recruitment agencies and their practices. question is, what is the POEA really doing about this problem?

@reynz: haha. Rant away reynz! "... stopping OFW migration by creating employment and business opportunities sa mga pinoys in the Philippines." -> agree, 100%!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

kami dito sa PNG parang ala lang

wanderingcommuter said...

tama! paumanhin sa pagiging macheavelian ko. hehehe

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