Friday, February 1, 2008

A Farewell and Some Fun

(Off-topic first: For fellow OFWs, check out this critique on the new POEA Guidelines on Direct Hiring. Protests and rallies are being organized everywhere. Hurray!)

Tonight, two worlds shall collide.

Alright, I exaggerate. This is what will actually happen tonight:

A fellow activist is leaving Hong Kong for good and moving somewhere in the Pacific. He's originally from Switzerland but I'm not sure if he's really rooted anywhere.

Mike is a human rights activist and a darn good one. We were together in the 2nd HK Mission for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines last October. In one of the few moments when the schedule was not so tight, Mike and I engaged in a discussion on HR, peace, non-violence, revolutionary violence, the armed struggle in Nepal and the Philippines, etc. etc. It was a good talk over bottles of SMB and San Mig Light.

But I think the whole time that I have known him, his best moment was when he literally trashed the statements of Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera in our meeting with her. He was so good I could have given him a crown!

His colleagues called for farewell drinks for Mike. I'll definitely attend that one. I've known many activists who have come and gone. I don't mind. As another activist friend has told me: we may be traveling on different roads, but we are heading towards the same direction. Hope to see them there!

After the farewell drinks, it'll be time for a gay night with my new found friends. It'll be a night of chit-chat, food (drooling over thoughts of Rye's kaldereta now) and drinks. For sure it'll be fun to meet again those I already know and get to know those I haven't met yet.

A good start of the month night, eh?

It'll be a full night for sure. But one I'm looking forward to - both the activist and the gay in me.


wanderingcommuter said...

i think that would still count as a human activist...


cant_u_read said...

i hope the caldereta didn't disappoint you.


Kiks Phulumulu said...

no it didn't rye. it never did. why would it? it was the most perfect (may most talaga?!) thing ever made last night - aside from of course the very fact that we were all born to make this world fabulously irresistable.

nagsariling post ba ako dito?

sorry, je.

jericho said...

@wandering: yup. activists do dance! hehe
@rye: you and your caldereta always amaze me. ever!
@kiks: fire away. as if this is the first time you intrude in something of mine. chika! hehe

Ted said...

kiks and je (naki-je daw o), para rin kayong dan and rye, magkasama na sa house, naguusap pa sa comments sections ng blogs... at nagsusulutan pa.

hehehe.. fun fun fun.

cant_u_read said...

kiks and je (naki-je na rin ako) ---

may na-discover kami nila law at around 5 in the morning. e di nagutom ang mga bakla no? e di naghanap ng makakain. e di binuksan ang state-of-the-art microwave-slash-convection-slash-grill ni law.

nandun pala ung nawawalang baked chicken wings. na ininit ko pagdating nyo but i never got to take out from the heating device.

sensya! bakla lang!

@ ted: siguro kailangan nyo na rin simulan ni enan. masaya tong ganito!

Ted said...


para lang mapost ang comment ko with pic.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

ay may ted na nagaganap? musta naman tayo dyan.

nako, dapat nang magpalitan ng YM for more career sa chat.

nagkita na kagabi. me chovahan pa ring nagaganap sa blog.

hindi na nagsawa?!

at sandali, me objectionable content ba ikamo, ted?

jericho said...

to steal rye's words: ang dadaldal nyong lahat! haha. anywise, i bet hindi naman nasayang ang chicken wings dahil dinaluhong ninyo. at korek ka kiks, may "ted" pang nagaganap sa paligid. at nagulat ako dahil "objectionable content" daw sabi ni blogger. wala naman akong nakitang ka-object-object! panalong pic ni Miss Botswana (tama ba?) ang nakita ko! hehe

Ted said...

magpapalit palit ako ng nick every so often. wala lang... para magka excitement ang buhay ko. babaw no...

un ata ang objectionable content. ang weird lang nun... alam mo naman bagito ako sa pagkabakla, este sa blogspot pala, so try try lang ng warning daw ng adult content... eh ang nilagay na warning... may nagreklamo na daw sa aking objectionable content... sino?? sarili ko...???

imbento si blogger... therefore.

charmed one said...

farewells are always dramatic for me. hirap ako dyan.

thanks for the visit. im linking you up right now.

jericho said...

@ted: keri lang magpalit-palit ng nick basta your essence remains the same (bwahahaha, essence daw o!) at least may foresight ka na may adult content ang blog mo. hmmm ano kaya yun?
@charmed: it's always a sad affair. some people do leave their marks on you. at hindi yun chikinini! hehe