Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dark, Darker, Darkest

The first describes Hong Kong weather for the past days. I’d like to think that it commiserates with my nearly-done emo, but I bet whoever is up there is not bent to do that because I was not that holy last week.

But I’m not going to bore everyone with rants on Hong Kong’s boring weather. The topic never interested me as well.

Darker, however, are the treatment of Afghan and Iraqi prisoners depicted in Taxi to the Dark Side and the story of Indians narrated in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Throw in this article on the Philippine-American War and it’s a recipe for a different lenten reflection.

I’m not going to do any review on these. Enough to say that all of them can make one’s heart bleed out for they showed the history of brutality perpetuated by US policies to different peoples – Afghans, Iraqis, Filipinos and Indians.

An interesting note is that the water cure being done to rounded up Afghans and Iraqi prisoners – who, by the way, were not put on trial – was also done to Filipinos more than a century ago. Torture cuts across time.

US soldiers though did not torture the Indians. They just massacred them, castrated their warriors, fooled their chiefs and “scalped” them.

But the darkest of my days comes with the news of someone coming to town who is definitely not Santa, by name or by deeds.

No other than GMA is coming here.

It’s like a tired old script when her position is seriously threatened – she’ll fly abroad with her full entourage in tow, talk to foreign governments to beg for more “aids” and investments, then come back and brag about economic packages secured. At the end of it, we have the likes of the NBN-ZTE deal.

Of course the drama will not be complete without an appearance before the Filipino community to have a showcase of OFW support. At this moment, a grand gathering of OFWs is being organized by the Philippine Consulate General – Hong Kong at the even grander Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Then there are the rumors. Showbiz will not be fun without them. Rumors are flying of buyouts to secure attendance, of gimiks (raffle for a house and lot maybe?) to entice more groups to come, and the ever present T-Shirts as giveaways.

Our office or any organization I’m active with does not have invitation to any of GMA’s affairs.

As if I care. I’d rather talk about Hong Kong’s weather than listen to more lies and gibberish nonsense.

Then again, I’ll still be there. Out on the streets where the light of hope of GMA’s ouster will be shining bright.


On another note, I read this post on one of the favorite pulutans nowadays – Janina San Miguel and the hoopla of the last Bb. Pilipinas. It made me feel guilty. I thank the author for this different and educational discourse on the fracas.


wanderingcommuter said...

i am still trying to look for these films as you've recommended...

Turismoboi said...

maulan nga daw sa hk sabi mo hehehe!


kaya pala dark... dahil pupunta sia jan.... busog na naman ang mga tenga ko nito sa mga kaplastikan niyang speeches na ipapalabas sa news.

gibo said...

i want to be there for the rally...and to loot your recent loot.

o sya, i save muna ang mga yan until june.

cant_u_read said...

ayyyyyyyyy! di invited!


Jericho said...

@wandering: goodluck ;)
@turismoboi: weird nga eh. as usual.
@kris: haha. buti na lang wala tayo sa front seat.
@gibo: so alin ang mas exciting? the rally or the loot?
@ryeness: haha. kebs!

jayclops said...

I will look for Taxi. It won the Oscar right? And there's an adapt of Bury my Heart I think shown in HBO. I'm sure you've seen The Road to Guantanamo? It's also about foreign prisoners wrongly accused. Nice Blog.

chase / chubz said...

sick and tired of politics in the philippines. might as well munch on bb. pilipinas winner.
that's more fun than the former.. heheheh

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