Thursday, March 6, 2008

Which side up?

There are times when our world is turned upside down.

Like when a guy you really like tells you “I like you too” or even better and more kilig, “I love you”.

Will these words not rock you and make your head spin? There is this gush of feelings that sometimes make you forget which way is up, down, left, right and even wrong.

The other day, I was talking to this nice guy while browsing online through past news and recent ones. We were having a really fun time making jokes, fishing for information and the irresistable lure of online flirting.

Then I felt my world stand on its head. Nope, I did not read “I like you, too” on my screen much less “I love you”.

These were the words I read:

“(We) Urge the President and all the branches of government to take the lead in combating corruption wherever it is found”
– CBCP on the ZTE-NBN scandal

“… the world embraced EDSA I in 1986; the world tolerated EDSA II in 2001; but the world will not forgive an EDSA III …” – GMA on the EDSA anniversary

"irresponsible and tantamount to economic sabotage"
– Deputy presidential spokesman Lorelei Fajardo on “No Remittance Day” campaign of OFWs

Mind-boggling statements. The first is ironic, the second is hypocritic and the third is just downright insulting for an overseas Filipino.

I can understand a moderate position but the statement of the country’s bishops is not even moderate but weird and gives me pause as to the meaning of enlightenment. Better if they have said nothing at all instead of giving ammunition to GMA’s claim of a moral and political ascendancy to rule.

GMA’s take on EDSA III is understandable. She’s got this double standard that seems to say that if it’s not from, by and for GMA, then it must be intolerable.

The third one, meanwhile is quite new. What galls me is that it is directed towards us OFWs. Only this government will dare say Filipinos abroad are irresponsible and economic saboteurs. What’s next on the table? Economic terrorists?

These statements swirl around my head together with this classic line:

“I am sorry” – GMA on Hello Garci

I know you are. And I am straight and just really “tripping” with another straight dude.


Turismoboi said...

hay anku politics politics

Mink said...

as if barya barya lang pinadadala natin sa pinas every year.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

to be gay is political, baklang turismoboi. and syempre na rin, to be bisexual.

imagine gloria naghuhumiyaw sa gitna ng edsa:

"walang himala! walang himalaaaaa!"

cant_u_read said...

gloria's sorry.

you're a straight-tripper.

i was born a top.



Gloria treats the nation like a prostitute. One looks at the anomalous Spratlys deal with China and one can better understand why.

chase / chubz said...

ewan ko oi. . ang gulo2x..
and i like magulo. just reading about it.. not conversing about it. hahay..

Jericho said...

@turismoboi: para lang yang kabaklaan, natatagpuan kahit saan..;)
@mink: mismo!
@kiks: ... tapos may babato ng rebulto sa kanya
@rye: we're beautiful. yan ang hindi lie! ;)
@splice and dice: mahusay si GMA sa wholesale
@chase: haha. try mo rin to converse about it .. mas masaya. magulo, pero masaya.

cant_u_read said...

hindi lie. faggotry lang. hehehe!