Monday, March 3, 2008

Fuschiang Ambisyon ‘To

What is your dream: To be a millionaire
What is your ambition: To be a lawyer

When I was young, I used to answer this in slumbooks of my friends and classmates. If I remember right, these were just before the “favorite expression” question that I used to answer with “Ay puke!”.

Yeah, I wanted to become a millionaire and a lawyer – whatever comes first didn’t matter.

I had this dream that I would be a courtroom brawler working up a brand of magic hitherto unknown to the legal profession and scoring victories after victories. As my dream drama unfolded, I would have this jampacked crowd holding on to my words as I won the case.

Then I would go home to my bachelor’s pad, grab a shot of whiskey, head for the shower and prepare for a nightout alone or with friends.

Though almost wasted on Saturday morning, I would still manage to pick up my parents from Batangas and take them for a ride anywhere they wanted. Afterwards, my father would cook his caldereta in my flat while my mother would be watching her favorite soap.

Sunday would be church day and fun with nephews and nieces. Ominously enough, there was no wife, girlfriend or child of my own in my dream scenario.

Picture pretty dream. Then life and my decisions set in.

I am no millionaire and no lawyer. I’ve just got enough in my pocket to last me a month.

I do brawl but in the streets with the police and not in courtrooms. Sometimes, people hold on to my words but that is if I keep it short, simple and to the point.

I go home to my bachelor’s bed, grab a chit-chat with housemates, head for the bathroom to smoke and fiddle with the broken shower, and prepare to sleep.

Saturday morning will be work. I can not pick up my parents because one is up there (I assume) and one is two hours away by plane. My dad cooked his last caldereta three years ago and my mom … still watches her favorite soap.

Sunday is the best day. No fun with nephews and nieces but a great time with fellow Pinoys. And yes, still no wife, girlfriend or child of my own. Never will happen.

Maybe my young dreams didn’t come true. I now dream awake. If I had known how things will turn out, I would have answered this way in those frilly slumbooks:

What is your dream: To be free
What is your ambition: To be happy

By the way, my favorite expression has also changed. Devah, I’m gay. Go figure.


Mink said...

"were the dreamgirls... boy, well make you happy..."


yun ang

Mink said...

"were the dreamgirls... boy, well make you happy..."


ang pinakamsarap sa buhay ay yung mga libre, at dahil libreng mangarap, tuloy tuloy lang... at isang magandang araw at matupad yun, napakasaya!

Kiks Phulumulu said...

bakla ka. ang ganda ng chuvanalogy.

kung analogy nga ang tawag don. ambilivabel shifts.


bananas said...

no wife, no girlfriend...

*kamot sa ulo


You're only 30... not yet late...

cant_u_read said...

sabi nga ni nicholas sparks sa "three weeks with my brother" (oo, bunasa ko yun! mushy na kung mushy!), what we want in life is sometimes to tally different from what we get out of it.

still, i believe it always works best for us.

abugado man o tibak, napapanindigan mo rin naman ang paglilingkod sa kapwa mo. at dahil dyan, mapalad ang mga taong nakakasalamuha mo. kami.

jericho said...

@mink: natupad pa rin sya. in a parallel universe... hehe
@kiks: malay ko kung ano'ng tawag dyan. basta!
@bananas: "kamot sa ano ..."
@kris: i'm not late for anything I guess. i'm already there.
@rye: touched naman friend. mushy na nga kung mushy, pero i like nicholas sparks...;)

wanderingcommuter said...

ok, now talking about being nostalgic.
well, sometimes childhood dreams or ambitions never indeed happen kasi nga dream sila eh. i always believe that planning your future would just put you on the right track. but eventually along the way it would make you turn to a different end.
the morale? as long as it would make you happy and free seize it.

kalansaycollector said...

haaaay. ;p

gusto ko lang naman maging masaya sa trabaho na papasukan ko soon....

at yeah maging mayaman. ubod ng yaman. ;p

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

ang galing. inlove na ako sa yo. wil give up my virginity for you.

jericho said...

@wandering: i think did seize it ... and then some more. hehe
@kc: uyyy malapit ng maging part of the "real" world. ;)
@mandaya: speechless ako. as in. ang hirap i-resist ng offer. haha

JOSH said...

dreams do come true, but with some some alterations. ay .i.i! hehehe dati lagi kong kung sinasagot sa space for what do u want to become in d future... scientist (?, ewan ko nga kung bakit eto sagot ko, ? shutz.)

Abou said...

he he he.

natuwa lang sa post.

un lang.

gibo said...

all together now.....if you're happy and you know it clap your hands....

palakpakan for this nice post.

chase / chubz said...

wow. i like the new dream and ambition..
amen! sweetie.. amen!