Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Of Music and Me(n)

When someone asks me what music I go for, I usually give a vague answer. I have a varied taste in music as varied as my taste in men. Fine, not really with men.

I am no music critic for sure. I know neither heads nor tails of the nuances of a good music. I pick up whatever music that takes my fancy. And no, that’s not how I do it with guys.

Just last year, I’ve built a whole new collection from the album of Pink to Snow Patrol, from KT Tunstall to Maroon 5, from Amos Lee and Gary Jules to a smorgasbord of OPMs that included great songs from The Company. There were also some more albums from various artists that I played from time to time.

Last year with men, I had a collection of one. I haven’t played his memories for a while now.

Early this year, I rekindled my love affair with the Indigo Girls. Their poetic songs just about fit a wide range of emotions from the longing in Ghost to the decisiveness of Last Tears. Add to that their political leanings especially on women as expressed most recently in Pendulum Swingers, the duo of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers – with their beautiful blending – have never left my playlist for months.

While my affair with the girls was raging, I also had a tryst with Michael Ball. Notwithstanding his boyish good looks and those adorable dimples, his rendition of some popular songs and Broadway hits makes for memorable mushy sessions.

For the past months with men though, there were no affairs or trysts. There was a guy … but never mind.

Since last week, I’ve been listening to Sigur Ros. When I first played their music in the office, my colleagues rushed to the window to see if there was a funeral march outside. Talk about getting knocked out on the first round.

Last week when I was all alone, I played them again and I was lost.

I got lost in their music and just sat down for about an hour drinking coffee and smoking. There is something in their beat that soothes and relaxes. It actually feels like being transported to a magical place where fairies, including me, fly about freely.

Each song of theirs reveals a story – from the simple enough intro to a whole gamut of climaxes and to an ending that sometimes make you wonder why did it happen that way.

I got lost in their words, literally. Nobody really knows what most of their lyrics mean. Then again, it did not actually matter.

And that voice of Jon Birgisson! Ethereal.

With men, or at least a man, I got lost and am now finding my way back.

So yes, how I choose my music is very much different from the way I fall with men. But they actually have two things in common: I stick with them like warts for a long, long time and both excludes Britney Spears.


the donG said...

you surely have a variety of taste in music. i'm not familiar with some of the artists that you mentioned. maybe i'll try to listen to some of them.

Lyka Bergen said...

I agree with Sigur Ros' Music. It really feels like being transported to a magical place. To fairy land. Subtleness then Bliss.... that is how I am with men too.

Couen said...

KT Tunstall is a favorite. :)

Abou said...

i stick to music that had given me memories as i lived my so called life. kahit halos baduy lahat ng trip ko, he he

droidz said...

great choice and range. hehehe! I heard Sigur Ros' once, in a blog of... somebody I can't recall (Lyka Bergen ba? not sure though...) i'm looking them up on CD stores here to no avail, maybe pag-bakasyon...

cant_u_read said...

"So yes, how I choose my music is very much different from the way I fall with men. But they actually have two things in common: I stick with them like warts for a long, long time and both excludes Britney Spears."

how virgo-esque. parang ryeness. hehe!

jericho said...

@the dong: anything that takes my fancy. kahit yung gay version ng Bahay Kubo ... hehe
@lyka: at sino kaya anng may kasalanan ng lahat ng ito??? ;)
@couen: she's really good. parang Indigo Girls na girl lang. chos!
@abou: kahit kanta ni April Boy? hehe
@droidz: bigyan kita pag nagkita tayo.;)
@rye: hahaha. kahit kalokah, ganun talaga.

gibo said...

kaya ba di tayo nagkatuluyon dahil gusto ko si britney? ching!

the nomad said...

i loved gary jules "mad world". it's surreal, very Donnie Darko.

added you to my blog roll. =)

wanderingcommuter said...

i am no music lover either. but just like you i am a faithful lover...WHAT???!!! hahaha.

sabaw ang utak ko ngayon.senxa na. hahaha

Gayzha said...

Wow ... great taste in music and in men!

Mugen said...

Astig ka men. Only a few people appreciate sigur ros.

Only few people know that its vocalist is a PLU guy. :)


I dont look at who's singing the song.. I'm more of the song itself.. or if the lyrics cool.

jericho said...

@gibo: feeling ko ako si Christina!
@the nomad: yeah he's good.
@wandering: lasing ka?! hehehe
@gayzha: i wish good men are as easy to find. ching!
@mugen: recently-introduced lang ng isang kaibigan. and yes he is! panalo!
@kris: eh di hindi mo magugustuhan ang Sigur Ros? wala syang lyrics eh ... ;)

dazedblu* said...

Hmm. anythign goes i love both, eh?

Turismoboi said...

fairies ha?

naimagine ko ang pagupo habng umiinom ng kape at tulala

natransport ka bigla sa paraiso, and u are only wearing a green grass skirt plus

jan ja na nan

may pakpak ka na pag nagflap ang wings may glittering golden powder dust na kumakalat sa ere


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Winner ang music collection mo! I *lurve* the Indigo Girls! Saw them live here in Australia! SUPER!!!! Talented but humble!