Sunday, April 20, 2008

Triple Tragedy

Still fresh from the rage that Jan-Jan's case stirred inside me, another issue close to my heart comes along.

Vicenta "Vicky" Flores, a 32-year old OFW in Hong Kong was found dead floating at the Tung Chung ferry pier on April 11. She worked as a domestic helper in Discovery Bay which is about a 20-minute bus ride - without traffic - from where her body was found.

Reportedly, after merely a week of investigation, the HK Police has considered the cause of death as drowning and declared it closed. However, there are telling circumstances that do not match up to the police's conclusion. Apparently, these were not accounted for in the investigation.

Concerned groups and individuals are now drumming up the issue and pushing for a more thorough probe on the case. A campaign has been launched that includes the participation of DB residents, Vicky's friends and families, migrant-serving NGOs, and OFW organizations. A blog has been created for this concern.

What is even more disturbing, Vicky's tragic death came from the heels of two more alleged suicide cases of OFWs in Hong Kong. One was that of Melba Alava Pardua and the other was of Caroline Agabin Dacqui who allegedly jumped off her employer's 9th floor flat in Aberdeen. Both happened on April 7. According to news reports, Melba was suffering from financial problems while Caroline's contract was terminated after only 10 months of work.

If Vicky's case turns out to be more than what the police has so far concluded, it is a tragic crime deserving of justice. The criminal or criminals must be apprehended and prosecuted.

If indeed it was suicide as what was reported of Melba's and Caroline's, it is still a tragic crime deserving of justice. Only this time, the criminal is the system that forces them to go through hell and plunges them in an unbearable situation. Unbearable enough for them to meet such fate.

When will these stop? How do we make them stop?

Somehow ... it ... we must.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

i doubt it that justice will be served this time. but that's just the pessimist in me talking. :-(


nalungkot ako sa post mo.. kawawang mga Filipina...

wanderingcommuter said...

lalo tuloy akong nadepress... ayoko na palan pumunta jan sa hk.

cant_u_read said...


the ferry pier is 5 mins from my place by taxi. i didn't have the slightest clue something as horrible as this happened.

the donG said...

tragic nga ito. kakaawa ang mga pinoy ofws. kakalungkot para sa pamilya.

Abou said...

kailangan nila ng hustisya. ibigay un sa lalong madaling panahon.

Jericho said...

@ruff: the time will still come. but that's just the optimist in me talking :-)
@kris: yeys
@wandering: eh di wala ka ng pupuntahan kais nangyayari ito kahit saan. hehe. kidding!
@rye: it wouldn't have made the news kung hindi nag-ingay ang mga taga-DB.
@dong: devastated nga ang family nya.
@abou: sana nga ...