Wednesday, July 2, 2008

R & R & R

A friend of mine recently pointed out that my recent posts were a bit morose. For sure it was not intentional but they were what struck my mind on the events of the past few days.

Pardon me if I gave the impression of being depressed. I was not. Tired, yes. Off the weather maybe. But generally still me.

Yesterday was a new day and boy was it good. It started with a rally and ended up so gay.

July 1st - the anniversary of the territory's hand over to mother China - is traditionally the time for HK activists to go out on the streets. Notwithstanding the tradition part, the issues presented to the HK government were concrete and urgent.

For the foreign domestic workers, it was the time to ask the HKSAR government: "where's our wage increase?"

Halfway through the year, there is still no clear indication that a even a little wage hike is in the offing. While businesses have already benefited from the showers of incentives from the HK$100 billion budget surplus, FDWs are still waiting for the economic rebound to ... err, rebound to them.

The searing heat did not stop the people from calling for a genuine racial discrimination bill, a legislated minimum wage for all HK workers, as well as a break from cuts on social services. Though the weather did not help at all, a dose of direct action is always an uplifting experience.

From the rally, I took a bit of rest. Just surfed around and took a chance to chat with someone who did not want to chat with me. But that's another topic altogether.

Anyway, I then had a great night with my gay friends. Alright, also with the straight guys. Fine, also with the women who were there.

It was the birthday party of a friends' mom (who, by the way, can be the PFLAG prexy in the RP if ever there shall be one) and little bro. The place was great, the food was greater, and the company was the best.

I missed these bunch.

They all have their eccentricities but it's always a riot when they come together. Maybe it's a thing with us gays.We usually accept people as they are, warts and all. Unless you are a bigot and, at least in my case, GMA and her ilk.

After a couple of rounds of vodka and any chaser at hand, talks just flow from the mundane to the ... well, less mundane. Peace beckies! It was fun, relaxing and very very gay!

I started off this month somewhat reinvigorated. Rally, rest and recreation.

There's another R that I can write about: Romance. But it sucks. And if I do write about it as of this time, the tone of the post will be much different. Morose may not even be enough.


gibo said...

tama na ang emote, write that romance post. now na.

Mugen said...

I'm glad things are doing well on your side. Medyo nga depressing yung mga last entries mo. Hehe.

Just like what I commented on a friends blog, we will never truly appreciate the beauty of life if all we can see are rainbows and butterflies around.

Have a great week!

mel beckham said...

Natural lang yan, at least u know u are normal. Hihi.

Hmmm, anu kaya yung 'romantic post'....

Turismoboi said...

whats morose?

ETCHOS! hahahaha!

jericho said...

@gibo: yoko nga. hindi pa ako ready. chos!
@mugen: sorry po, bakla lang. hehe. my week is turning out ok..;)
@mel: ngayon ko lang din nalaman na normal ako. wala pa muna yung post na yun.. hehe
@turismoboi: maraming rose. charot! corny mo. tse! hehe

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

kailangan mo ng romansa sa buhay. go! isulat na!

dabo said...

The last paragraph made me smile. But i got to read more of your entries before i deliver my verdict, impression of you.

FerBert said...

huwaw! nakikipag rally ka dyan? astig!

naipagtatanggol mo pa rin ang karapatan ng mga kapwa nateng Pilipino kahit nasa ibang bayan ka!

Lyka Bergen said...

All you need is another "R"....


(Di ba Top ka?)

Choooooos! Ang bastos ko. Leche!

kiel said...

well it looks like we are all in agreement that you have to commit pen to paper (or more appropriately, fingers to keyboard) and write about your other R!

hindi yung rectum, ha? romance - yun na nga!

unsolicited advise, kahit medyo sad ang romance, it's part of what makes it great. tipong what's pleasure without pain, sunshine with no rain... naku, sinapian nayata ako ng espiritu si dr. zuniga.

besides, therapeutic to write about lost loves, tignan mo si gibo...

jericho said...

@mandaya: pinag-iisipan ko pa kung kailangan ko nga .. ngayon..;)
@dabo: yikes, tense a-la ms. universe. chos!
@ferbert: hmp! ngayon mo lang nalaman? hehe
@lyka: ay! na-eskandalo ako! tawagin ba akong top.. lol
@kiel: nape-pressure ako sa inyo... hahaha

Diablo said...

"After a couple of rounds of vodka and any chaser at hand..."

Natawa lang ako sa abiguity ng statement na ito. Kapag binasa 'to ng chub na tao, mapapataas ang pagpapakahulugan nito eksistensyal na kahulugan. hahaha!

gayunpaman, inuudyok na kitang magblog ng tungkol sa kanya.

balitaan mo ako. ^_^

pat said...

i don't know what morose is, and i can just look it up, but you don't sound like it.