Friday, July 4, 2008

Power struggle

Disasters after disasters have struck different parts of the world in recent years. In the face of these forces of nature, we tend to see how small we are as compared to the titans of the earth that are the elements.

In the BBC series, Earth: the Power of the Planet, that I saw recently, it showed the different environmental factors that have created the world and continuously shape it.

The series is composed of five parts: Volcano, Atmosphere, Ice, Ocean and Rare Earth. Through vivid images, computer simulations and scientific evidences, the series showed how the first four elements work together and at the same time fight each other to give birth to the Earth and later on maintain its stability for life forms to start and then flourish. Until humans came along.

On the last part of the series, it explained the uniqueness of the Earth and postulated that it is probably the only one of its kind given the “lucky” phenomena that led to its formation and its position in the solar system.

This is no Popular Science so I won’t repeat what Dr. Iain Stewart has explained. But what he said is probably true, the Earth has met its greatest challenge with the arrival of humans.

While the Earth has its natural processes to heal itself and restore balance, humans tend to, well, fuck them up.

Enviromental activism has never been my strong point so I will leave it to those who know more to show how the earth and its environment is being destroyed by human activities, and in particular for the past centuries, the relentless drive for capital accumulation. What the series has in terms of giving information into the earth’s working, I think it has fallen short in accounting for the social relationships – the class contradictions – that exist among humans and make life miserable for Mother Earth.

But if a certain friend of mine hears me complain about this, he’ll just say that we cannot expect anything less from the mainstream media which is itself driven by capital. Fine.

The show ultimately concluded that humans will be eventually wiped out

But I believe in the resilience of humans. If only the basic contradictions can be resolved that shall, in theoretical possibility, free humans to reach their potential and even resolve its standing struggle with nature, then “I Will Survive” shall not be an athem for gays alone.

I am a reader of sci-fi novels and the usual setting is an inter-planetary or inter-galactic one. With no known limit yet of human capacity to adapt, the sci-fi can probably be facts in the distant future.

Non-humans may exist in the far reaches of the universe. Other planets may be discovered that can approximate the characteristics of the earth.

But for now, we only have this one to live in. Millions or billions of years from now it may not be habitable anymore either due to the earth’s core dying down or the sun running out of fuel to burn.

But humans will survive. If only we can find a way to not, well, really fuck things up.


mink said...

sabi nga ng matandang kasabihan

nasa Diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa...

the future of this planet depends largely on humans care of the planet... so if we people tend to f*ck the planet, then for sure, the planet will eventually f*ck us all up in the near future.

the donG said...

didn't had the chance to watch it yet but it is as interesting as the other environmental documentaries.

despite the issues, you can see that people are still not responsible. in the philippines alone, i encountered people who simply throws their garbage on lakes.

what's sad is that these documentaries doesn't reach the poor. they lack discipline in throwing their garbage.

plus the people in the upper level having business using plastic cups, plastic bottles as this results to lower cost not considering the environmental issues.

if ever something happens to our planet (which of course are already happening). they deserve that.

Mugen said...

We will learn. That's for sure. And I don't mind if we suffer for our misgivings to the planet. Those who will survive the catastrophe, intact or not will have deeper respects to our home than all the previous hundred generations combined.

mrs.j said...

kaya ako nga i go for green!

sobrang go green!

nawa'y pati ang mga bading ay isabay ang pagsulong ng protect mother earth with our gay rights!

maberdeng karapatan ng mga bakla at ng mundo baw!

mel beckham said...

wish ko lang sci-fi lang ito pero hindi. sana I don't get to witness the worst of mother nature in my lifetime..

Lyka Bergen said...
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Lyka Bergen said...

Nang nabasa ko toh, feel ko ng sumali sa Miss Earth next year!

rik32miles said...

I thought it was boring kaya di ko pinanood noong palabas yan dito, now I wish have. anyway do watch programs presented by David Attenborough ( not sure w/ the spelling) but he's really good and one can notice that he's soo passionate about nature.
I hope you don't mind if I link you, is that alright with you?


we always say "we only have one planet and we should save it".

But unfortunately for some, they just SAY it...

jericho said...

thanks guys for dropping by.. hindi na ako makasagot isa-isa. hehe. yup right, alright with me.

pat said...

wow. you're a geek. Ü