Friday, July 18, 2008

Kumusta naman Je?

Nearly everyone who have been there mark it as memorable.

It's that time of our life when we start spending more time away than at home, when going out means hanging out with barkadas doing nothing but talk, when hormones start to rage and you start noticing the opposite - and the same - sex.

Of course what I'm talking about is: High School! Those sweet, fun, dramatic, rowdy and sentimental four years.

This is us when we were in our first year that I found in the photo section of our yahoogroup. You can laugh. I did.

It's been years since I last saw most of these guys and gals. I saw some of them on a wedding and a funeral - the former my brother's, the latter my father's.

Most of us were together for the whole high school years as part of the Laboratory School of the Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology for there were only around 80 of us divided into two sections. PBMIT is now Batangas State University but it shall always be PBMIT for me.

I have lost the detailed memories of my HS life. I do remember the Saturdays that we still go to school just so we can see each other, go to church on Sundays but actually just stay outside and talk at the same time as the priest, do academic stuff together, do extra-curricular activities, and, unobserved, do extra extra-curricular activities.

Soon, I'll get to relive these memories again. Some of my HS buddies are cooking up a reunion of sorts in the next few months.

It'll be interesting to see how we have fared for the past 14 years. I know that many of them are now married and have kids. About 25% of our class are abroad. And more than true to the tradition of one in 10 is gay, I think that four of us out of 20 guys are homos. Ok, it's just my speculation.

I'm excited to meet them all again. I wonder if I should be all out and proud on the reunion?

For sure, they don't have any HS memory of that sort about me.


(Another picture of us I found in the e-group's baul... hahaha)


mel beckham said...

i miss high school. if only i could turn back the hands of time. i have so many regrets, lalo na yung mga crushes ko na hindi ko natikman. lol


lol... nakaka miss nga ang high school life.. at tingnan mo naman ang mga hairstyles.... classic.

gibo said...

ate shawie, naman, na-miss ko tuloy ang high school!

looking at your class pics, mahaba na pala talaga ang hair mo noon pa?


Mugen said...

Medyo hindi maganda ang high school ko eh. Most likely di ako papakita pag nagka-reunion. :)

Kiks said...

dapat grand entrance ang dating mo sa nalalapit na reunion.

and with a great revelation at that:

na pinagtawanan mo ang class picture tapos ang mga classmates mo hindi.

jericho said...

@mel: hahaha. as in plural ha
@kris: syempre. probinsya pa yan..;)
@gibo: hahaha. gagah!
@mugen: ganun? ginawa ka bang class monitor? hehe
@kiks: kasama ka sa tumwa nung ipinakita ko sa'yo no. tse! hehe

MINK said...

marami ako kabulastugan noong highschool kaya hindi ko masyadong carry ang yugto ng buhay ko noon. haha
worth reminscing t=din naman kahit papaano...

;) thanks for sharing

Yffar said...

ang kulit ng hair style ng mga girls before..

paranh wala ma kong makikitang ganyan..


Lyka Bergen said...

Bat di kita ma recognize sa dalawang pics? Umiba talaga ang mukha mo, Jeje! From cute to......

pa-cute! Chosss!

Turismoboi said...

i wonder kung sino ka sa mga to

totoy na totoy ah


pat said...

parang that's entertainment ang mga outfits. astig.