Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back with McDreamy?

There is a petition circulating around Grey's Anatomy's fans asking for changes in the plot. More specifically, the petition asks for a reversal of the supposedly dark and depressing plot of the latest season.

Even more specific, they wanted the old McDreamy - cool, light and in love - back. They aren't happy with the moody and brooding Derek.

The romantic and the realist inside me are at odds over such a demand. On one hand, who can resist a McDreamy who is ... er, dreamy. But then again, after what he has gone through - meeting Meredith, trying to rebuild his marriage, divorce, getting back with Meredith, Meredith's near-death whatever, turning down the chief of surgery spot, breaking up with Meredith, getting back with Meredith, breaking up (yawn!) ... you get the drift - I'm wondering how he still manages to keep his hair in place.

Every viewer has a take on the show. Personally, I'm all for the twists and changes. Nothing or no one can really stay the same way. Whether in a blink or at a tremendously slow pace, change happens.

Honest and sometimes brutal, funny and achingly sad, romantic and crass, sexy and not - there are different angles in GA. Maybe it is what really strikes me with the show. It defies conventions when it comes to episode plots.

And of course, the music was and still is great!

Anyway, I'm not sure how the producers and the writers will react. Shonda Rhimes is still on strike (is she?).

If one asks me what change I'd like to see in GA, I'll say: Let George be gay! It looks hard for him kissing all those women and pretending to love blonde Izzie when he really plays for the other team. (McDreamy, McSteamy, Karev and all those empty on-call rooms ... ho-hum)

Some of the sad, sad songs in the last episode of season 4:


gibo said...

i agree on george. come to think if it, bagay sila ni alex. meron silang tension and shared a lot of things in common, isama na natin ang STD :-)

bananas said...

i would choose to see alex karev gay. that would be perfect.

jericho said...

if karev goes gay, he'll be brian kinney in scrubs. haay, i still love the george's puppy-boy look.