Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gay and Beautiful

Maganda ang mga bakla.

The couple of nights I've been out with some friends, I was kinda struck by the sheer beauty of gay people.

Notwithstanding the hard bodies of many, the stylish hairs, fashionable clothes (who could ever carry a shimmering silver top to the hilt?) and some buns that are to die for, there is this life and beat that sweep you off your feet and plaster a smile to your face until your jaw aches.

Mikey calls it the thumpa thumpa. But maybe it defies a definition or brand. It's more of something you feel when you're around queers. It's the feeling of freedom when you let your hair down.

This may be a premature observation. I've been out of the closet for years but I never really went out of the room.

I may change my mind later. But for now, I will beg to disagree with Jack when he said that some gays are just "gay and average". Basta, maganda tayong lahat mga bakla!


Que? said...

I love Mikey!!! Of QAF to di ba??? cia ang ideal partner ko. LOL.

comment ko lang: gays are just like other people.. only the color is sharper, the images, more vivid.

jericho said...

yes, sya nga yun. goodluck sa kanya! hehe.

well, i did say that gays are beautiful. i haven't decided yet whether we are prettier.. hehe

Kiks Phulumulu said...

ay me vivid na nagaganap?

ang vagong vord for the vayot: vivir.

we learned how to struggle, we know how to live.

ano ito?!!