Monday, January 14, 2008

Jordan Croaks

Disasters don't have to come in threes. It can hit once but at an epic fantasy proportion.

While surfing the internet with my nth cup of coffee and my nth stick of cigarette, I came across the news that James Oliver Rigney is dead.

Robert Jordan is dead. Dead. Dead? Dead!

After 12 books of The Wheel of Time series and other known works, Jordan died in September last year. (Late again to know. Still, better late than later.)

He died without finishing TWOT. Honestly, this is what pains and saddens me most. Bitin!

I can't do anything about this though. So I'll just thank him for introducing me to the world of Aes Sedais and Aiels. Of Rand, Mat and Perrin - the brave, the bold and the burly (in my own fantasy - the hottest, the hotter and the hot). Of Trollocs and Ogiers. Of Forsakens and Seanchans. Of weavings and steddings.

Brian Sanderson will be finishing the 13th book: A Memory of Light. Some have posed questions on his ability to do so.

I don't care. For the sake of closure, I'm getting that last book. I will not wait anymore for the Wheel of Time to churn out another Jordan.


cant_u_read said...

ang mga manunulat na yan.. ka-level sila ni viggo.

haaaaay! kawawa naman ako! :-(

jericho said...

@rye: no worries rye. we all have our own fantasy world.