Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I'll see how this will go along the way.

I used to have a blog pero, like so many things I started, it somehow lost steam.

Since a couple of days ago, may mga bagay akong pinag-iisipan and some of those even cost me a couple of good night sleep. Like I'm 30 and I still feel 17 in so many ways. Or bakit talo ko pa yata si Mary sa pagiging virgin.

Basically, I think I just need to try something different. So I'm starting this blog the very first day of the new year.

Swear I'll write on it. Swear!


Que? said...

kalevel ang pagswear na yan na kumapal ang buhok mo? but im glad (feeling close ba eto) ur writing again... at least pinataas mo ang "sense mean/quotient" ng buong blogging world.

Happy New Year! Blog on

jericho said...

though my hair is actually thinning out .. thanks for the comment. don't expect too much ha.. may mga balahurang ilalagay din ako dito.. hehe

Kiks Phulumulu said...

welcome. yun lang

thesocialcritic said...

woah, welcome back to the blogosphere. enjoy.