Friday, January 18, 2008


Like many OFWs, I was not in EDSA. But like many OFWs, I was also a part of the movement to oust Estrada.

Back then, I was still working with the Asian Students Association. As a progressive platform of students in the Asia Pacific - with NUSP, CEGP and LFS as members in the Philippines - ASA disseminated information to our members and networks in the region and elsewhere of the events unfolding back home.

We were glued to our computers with the internet in overdrive as we watched videos, listened to radio reports and read breaking news.

We cheered. We applauded. We imagined our friends and comrades tirelessly exhorting the people to deliver the final flow to Erap's government.

Meanwhile, our phones - both mobile and landline - were inundated with calls from Filipino domestic workers who were hungry for news that we, in turn, shared with them gladly and with all agitation we could muster. We encouraged them to text their friends and relatives to join EDSA and the actions in other major cities across the nation.

Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong were very much involved in the oust movement.

It started with the issue of Glenda Lorio, an OFW who died largely due to the neglect and ineptitude of the government in protecting Filipino migrants. It then built up to issues of the OWWA, government charges to OFWs, and the lack of concrete programs for OFWs and our families.

When the Erap Resign Network - Hong Kong was conceived, Filipino migrant workers were all too ready to do our part. ERN-HK was participated in by domestic workers, NGO workers, media practitioners, priests, nuns and pastors. We may not have been in EDSA, but we also celebrated its victory.

Seven years after, Filipino migrants are again doing our part in the brewing Oust GMA movement.

Objectively, we may not be in EDSA again when GMA's time comes. But definitely, we'll not miss out in removing a most corrupt, fascist, illegitimate, and puppet regime.

(Written in the middle of a meeting. Nakiki-Blog Action Week. Nakiki-Remember EDSA 2. Nakiki-baka rin.)


wanderingcommuter said...

naisip ko lang, ano kaya ang feeling ng magmobilize at mag rally sa isang lugar na hindi mo naman bayan? kung dito nga parang medyo mahirap na. pano pa kaya sa ibang bansa tapos lahat at abala rin sa kani-kanilang trabaho?
naku, bilib na ako...

jericho said...

@wandering: nothing comes easy naman talaga. madali kung in principle. nakakasakit ng ulo rin sa actual...;)

Kiks Phulumulu said...

maganda ang pagkakasulat.

buti ka pa, kaya mong mag-emote ng ganyan. you can be so selfless...

jericho said...

@kiks ... maybe it's because i've never written anything about myself, at least until recently... hehe