Sunday, January 27, 2008

Random Ramblings and Grumblings

* I've been sick the past couple of days. Full-blown influenza. I went to the doctor last Wednesday and again yesterday. After the routine questions, she asked me if I smoke and of course I told her yes but (always a but) I've thought about quitting and just never got around to doing it. She said "think harder." Duh!? What will happen to my blog's name if I do that?

* I realized na kapag bangag ka sa gamot, you'll notice how Daniel Radcliffe's nips jut out in HPOtP. Just like someone I know who always appears to be in a permanent state of arousal.

* I had to turn down another invitation for a chat session from Steve. I did tell him the first time that come hell or high water, I'll accept his next invite. I should have learned my lesson by now. I should not make promises if I am not 100% sure of making it. It'll just leave a bad taste in my mouth. Then again, if I am 100% sure I'll keep it, it is not a promise anymore but an appointment. Right?

* POEA has banned direct hiring which basically means everyone looking for a job abroad has to go through recruitment agencies and get overcharged. Things do happen even if you are sick. Things that can make you sicker.

* He wrote back! Now in France and still single. Ho-hum. Dream on.

* A friend came to HK for a quick vacation with his family. I gave him some of my ill-begotten collection of TV shows and a movie. Talk about looting my loot! Still it's a fair trade for the yosi and kape putih he brought us.

* I was directed to this site by a friend. If I can doubt one, I can also doubt the other. This is one fight where I take no side. Pretty unusual for someone who believes neutrality is a glossed-over hypocrisy. It is just that I don't basically take hook, line and sinker whatever appears in any online interactive-whatever. I mean there are issues like globalization, hunger in the Third World, GMA and my lovelife or the lack of it. I mean, (with all the Izzie Stevensness I can muster) seriously?!

If this post doesn't make any sense at all, pardon me for I'm still sick and loaded with drugs.


gibo said...

hey sick boi, get well soon. now i feel guilty for giving you two cartons of nicotine!

thanks for letting me loot ur loot.

see ya next next time.

Que? said...

hey jerichoooooo...

1. yes next time appointment na.
2. ano bayang bile sa anti manila gay guy na yan??? and to quote your own question.. SERIOUSLY??? must we deal with this as well? not really but i agree there are worse things than "exposing" MGG, and I don't even know, haven't visited his site, etc... more serious things, like my love life too. :-)

Kiks Phulumulu said...

i find you a very fortunate person to actually mention names of friends without guilt.

Good thing, you had restraint for that fortunate one with prominent tits. I guess they compensated what his nose lacks.

Because if you did, your tits will be Pinocchio's nose!

reyna elena said...

Duh!? What will happen to my blog's name if I do that? <--- HAHAHAHA WITTYFULNESS EVER!!! hahaha!

Yeah!~ That stupid POEA sh_t! Kelangan nilang magkapera in ALL THE WAYS, kaya look, taas nang mga placement ever nung mga gago namang recruitmeng agencies at ang mga kawawang OFW's na napunta sa ibang bansa, hahagupitin pa nang changed contracts, pinalitan pa ang remuneration, taz magkakaproblema OFW, besides the fact na naisanla yong bahay at lupa sa barrio siete, then kung tumulong man ang mga binoto naten dyan, yong late na taz photo op lang ang gagawin.

NAKUUUU!!! SANTA MARYA EVER! pag-nata-touch ang mga problemas enchiladas nang mga OFW nireregla aketch!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!

Sinong gustong sumamang mag-rally?!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

pagaling ka!

jericho said...

@gibo: don't be. you're prolonging my happiness even if it's not my life... hehe
@que?: i need to check with my secretary. secretary daw o!?
@kiks: nahiya lang ako na i-mention. i'll let him do so himself..:D
@reynz: kureks, kung buntis lang ako, kanina pa ako nakunan. magra-rally kami soon. sama ka!
@mandaya: fortunately, better than lugaw na ang pakiramdam ko. thanks!

cant_u_read said...

ikaw, ako, si kiks (at si steve din ata)... altogether now!

ubo! ubo! ubo!